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Blox the Friendly Fox — the first animal with an immutable CV!

Every company needs a mascot.

Disney has Mickey Mouse.

Cheetos has Chester Cheetah.

Nintendo has Mario.

Sega had Sonic.

Delta State University has the Fighting Okra (yes, this is real)

And now joining these illustrious mascot ranks is Blox The Friendly Fox, the official mascot of

Blox = Blockchain + Fox (get it?!)

The Origins of Blox

As a red fox cub growing up in the lush forest, Blox knew he was different.

For one, he was the only fox with a resume.

His natural ambition coupled with a love for exploration led Blox out of the animal kingdom and into the professional world.

While you’ll find most foxes out climbing trees, hills and mountains, Blox is more interested in climbing up in the working world — and he relies on to do it.

He was the first cub in his family to get a college degree…

…the first animal in the kingdom to get a workID…

…and now he’s levelling up in the working world with

(No wonder he’s getting hired above all those other foxes!)

Out of the Fox Hole and Onto the Blockchain

While other foxes prowl the forests at night, Blox’s habitat is the blockchain.

For most foxes, decentralization means burrowing more dens. But for Blox, it means transferring authority away from centralized powers.

He’s on a mission to give workers control of their work identity — helping them get hired, paid and access capital in better ways.

He’s all about hard work!

As Blox likes to quote:

“The sleeping fox catches no poultry”
— Benjamin Franklin

Like all foxes, Blox has an agile mind that’s always active. He’s cerebral, charming and outgoing.

And if there’s one thing he loves most, it’s a good ol’ blockchain meme:

This is one of Blox’s personal faves

He knows the blockchain just as well as anybody. And he’s agreed to help us spread the story.

So, you’ll be seeing lots of Blox around these parts. 🦊

He’ll be helping us announce (howl?) all the big happenings at

In fact, you can check out his workID in just a few days plus sign up to get your very own immutable CV at:

Where’d He Get His Name?

The Friendly Fox was given the nickname “Blox” from his forest friends, as they could see he was passionate about the blockchain.

It was hard not to see his conviction when he would talk for hours on end about the blockchain’s potential.

(“Yeah we get it Blox, the blockchain is a revolutionary technology that’s set to change the world…”)

So, the clever creatures took the word “Block” and combined it with “Fox” (because after all, that’s what he is) and came up with Blox.

So that’s how he came to be Blox The Friendly Fox.

But he’ll also respond to Blox.

And yeah, we know, “The Friendly” is a very unusual middle name…

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