TechCrunch Selects as Blockchain ‘Top Pick’

Tech industry leader TechCrunch has selected as one of its blockchain TC Top Picks for the prestigious Disrupt event in Berlin that takes place November 29–30. has been selected for its real-time payroll on the blockchain, which enables any worker to receive their paycheck instantly and in cryptocurrency. TC Top Picks recognize exceptional pre-Series A startup founders around the world, providing them exclusive access to the renowned Disrupt event.

The selection vaults into the top echelon of rising startups. It provides us with the opportunity to show off our transformative payroll solution to 3,000 event attendees, 300-plus media outlets, and industry-leading founders, investors and advisors.

In previous years, TechCrunch Disrupt startups have gone on to raise millions and build companies with multimillion-dollar — and in some instances billion-dollar — valuations that have been acquired or taken public.

Speaking after the announcement by TechCrunch, CEO Ryan Fyfe said it’s a great opportunity for his startup to demonstrate its technology push the transformative potential of the blockchain.

“We’re super excited and honored to be selected as Top Pick by TechCrunch,” Fyfe said.

“In past years companies like Dropbox, Trello and Yammer have participated at Disrupt, so it’s a real privilege to get our chance alongside these startups of the past, which have gone onto big things. It’s really strong recognition for what we’re building.

“Our selection also gives us the platform not just to promote our technology but push the transformative case for blockchain and crypto. We believe enabling anyone who gets a paycheck to get it in crypto will play a big part in advancing mainstream adoption.” was founded in 2017 by second-time HR technology founders and former CEOs, Ryan Fyfe ( and Ivan Petrovic (

The two have spent a combined 15 years building workplace scheduling and time tracking software that’s used by more than one million employees globally. And it’s this first-hand experience that led them to create their newest venture.

“We saw the pain points of slow, weeks-long pay periods first hand,” Fyfe said.

“For five years we’ve been wanting to create a solution. In blockchain technology we finally have it. Now workers will be able to get their pay instantly as soon as they finish work — paychecks for our on-demand world.”

Each startup selected as a TC Top Pick by TechCrunch has been carefully reviewed and vetted by the TechCrunch team.

A maximum of five startups are selected for each TC Top Pick category, which, along with blockchain, include AI/machine learning, fintech, robotics and IoT. will demonstrate its decentralized application Wallet to Disrupt attendees, showing how it delivers paychecks instantly in stablecoin cryptocurrency. We will also have the chance to participate in the famed Startup Battlefield segment, where startups pitch their idea to investors.

About gives workers the power to get paid instantly in cryptocurrency, the moment they finish work — real financial freedom that everyone deserves. Using smart contracts and connecting directly with HR systems in place today, users can get paid in real-time in stablecoin through the Wallet, a decentralized application available on iOS and Android.

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