Wallet Live on The Mainnet — Available to Download on Android Now!

In a major milestone, after months of development and rigorous testing on the Ethereum testnet, the Wallet is now live on the Mainnet.

From the outset, we’ve been product-first focused. The release of our wallet app on the mainnet again reinforces this approach. While so many blockchain companies are yet to be much more than ideas on paper, we’re all about demonstrating real-world utility.

From today, the Wallet is available for Android users to download on the Play Store, with the iOS version to follow soon.

The wallet is the key to unlocking real-time, instant paychecks. For employees, it’s the user interface for getting paid for their work in real-time in cryptocurrency. Employers can use the app to setup payroll contracts and manage real-time payouts. CEO Ryan Fyfe said the release of the app means cryptocurrency will make earning cryptocurrency more accessible to anyone who receives a paycheck.

This is a big development. Not just for us as a company, but for anyone who wants to get paid in real-time, without waiting weeks like is typical today. It also means the ability to easily earn cryptocurrency — something a growing number of people want,” Fyfe said.

“So much of the focus in the industry is on spending cryptocurrency. We strongly believe that being able to easily earn cryptocurrency is just as significant and will have a huge impact on advancing mainstream adoption. With the release of our wallet, we’re taking another big step toward making cryptocurrency more accessible to the average worker.”

After the Wallet app is downloaded, employees and employers can easily connect their wallets and setup work contracts used to make real-time payments. Once established, the work contracts are verified after work is completed, hashed on the blockchain and then earnings are instantly paid in cryptocurrency directly to the wallet.

To safeguard paychecks from the volatility of cryptocurrency, we have chosen two stablecoin partners, TrueUSD and EURS, which are backed one-for-one by US Dollars and the Euro, respectively. The app also supports all ERC-20 tokens and, in future, will support other blockchains such as bitcoin.

Future wallet functionality will also include users being able to choose to withdraw their cryptocurrency earnings to their bank account or credit card, transfer to any major exchange, spend directly, or save on the platform.

As well as receiving their pay directly to the wallet, users can transfer and store any ERC-20 token to the Wallet. To gain access to the wallet and the functionality of the real-time payroll ecosystem, users must stake App Tokens (WATT).

The mainnet release of the app follows successful real-time payments using the app on the testnet recently. The first release of the wallet enables real-time, cryptocurrency paychecks for salaried employees. In the near future, hourly and gig workers will also be able to access their earnings in real-time. Coming releases will also include integrations with previously named and as well as additional integrations on the way!

Watch First Real-time Payments Here…

Want to see it in action? Watch the video of our CEO Ryan Fyfe getting paid in real-time and cashing out earnings immediately.

Now, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Play Store and download!

iOS Coming Soon

To all the iOS users out there, hang tight the iOS Wallet is coming soon. For more information about when it will be available, sign up for our updates.