WorkDone advisors Kim Shepherd and Mimi Grant

Healthcare CEO Mentor Mimi Grant and HR Guru Kim Shepherd join as WorkDone Advisors

Joe Rogers
Nov 2, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m very excited to announce that Mimi Grant and Kim Shepherd—two influential leaders and visionaries in their respective fields — have joined the WorkDone advisory board. Mimi and Kim are two of Southern California’s giants of recruitment, human resources, philanthropic giving, and executive mentoring.

Kim recently retired as Chairwoman of Engage 2 Excel, formerly Decision Toolbox, and led the field as a recruitment consultant and highly sought after speaker on recruiting innovations for over 15 years — she knows the ins and outs of every corner of HR and recruitment operations, and brings that experience to bear on advising WorkDone’s growth. On why she was joining the WorkDone team, Kim had this to say:

“I’ve been in the Human Capital space for over 25 years. It’s time to move the industry into the future — and WorkDone is on the verge of upending that staffing industry as we now know it. When people are relieved of boring tasks, it frees them to transition into roles that are more vital to a company’s success.”

Our other new advisor, Mimi Grant, has had her finger on the pulse of the California healthcare and technology business scene for decades. As the President of the Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) organization, she hosts monthly roundtables for CEOs of healthcare service, medical and health information technology companies, and has helped guide countless business leaders towards rapid expansion in the fastest-growing sector of the American economy. This makes her a central node of the regional scene, and has given her perspective on how companies need to boost productivity across industries.

“Again and again, I’ve seen companies falter precisely because scaling up work processes and retraining can get in the way of growth. Joe is a deeply insightful thinker on how businesses can optimize their operations, and I know that WorkDone is primed to change the world of work.”

I am very excited to have Kim and Mimi on our advisory board and look forward to receiving their counsel and guidance as WorkDone revolutionizes the way that companies work and grow.

WorkDone currently has an equity crowdfund offering on truCrowd until November 30 in addition to a separate private placement for accredited investors. To learn more about the terms (and the risks) of the crowdfund, and to invest, please visit our offering page.


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Joe Rogers

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