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What is machine learning and why companies can’t ignore it

WorkDone Admin
Oct 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Why companies can’t afford to ignore it

Machine learning offers organizations the capability to quickly and automatically analyze larger, more complicated data sets, delivering faster, more accurate results — and it’s scalable. The value in striving for precision means that a company increases their chance of spotting profitable opportunities and navigating away from risks.

Machine learning is already hard at work for us

Machine learning is all around us — Alexa, Siri, customer service chatbots and even Amazon recommendations. We’re comfortable using machine learning in our daily lives, we just aren’t aware of it. Settling into the sofa to watch Netflix activates an entire machine learning algorithm to push you the best predictions. Those algorithms are valued at $1 billion per year- and for good reason! Netflix predictions and recommendations are uncannily accurate.


AI with a Conscience

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