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Every person uses Trello in their own way.

Trello boards are often being used for project management, and the classic To-Do / Doing / Done list style is pretty well known in the community. But there’s more. Trello boards can be used for almost any purpose. Along with the new automation feature available in Trello, the options are manifold.

One of the most interest ways to “upgrade” a Trello board and customize it to individual needs, is by enabling the Custom Fields Power-Up.

Custom fields are able to store additional information on a card level. They can come in the form of checkboxes, dates, text, numbers or dropdown lists.

There are a lot of interesting things that can be achieved with custom fields. In this article, I want to showcase some interesting applications that can be implemented quickly. These Custom Field Workflows are meant to be inspirations for you: feel free to absorb the ideas, remodel them and design something totally new for you.

Interesting Custom Field Workflows for Trello Boards

Hack 1: Declutter your Board

When you enable the Custom Fields Power-Up on a Trello board, you can add up to 50 custom fields to the board.

You can choose whether you want to have a custom field shown on the front of the card, or not.

But if you do, the custom field will be shown on the front of all the cards in this board — given it stores a value.

If you are using many custom fields and showing them all on the front of the card, your board will quickly look very crowded.

You can solve that my simply disabling the option. — How?

Selectively Disable Custom Fields to be Shown
Selectively Disable Custom Fields to be Shown

Simply open the settings for the Custom Fields Power-Up and uncheck the option to “Show field on front of card”.

The result:

A cleaner board.

Hack 2: Populating a Custom Field with a Default Value

Wouldn’t it be nice if a certain custom field would store a default value once a card is created?

If you have at least a Gold account in Trello, this is absolutely possible.

With the help of the Butler Power-Up, you can set up an automation like this:

In Butler, you can find a nice list of actions that can be applied to custom fields. In this example, the Start Date custom field would be set to “now” the moment a card is being emailed into the board.

Hack 3: Pushing the Custom Field Above the Description in a Trello Card

By default, the custom fields power-up section is below the description section in Trello. If the description holds a longer text, you always have to scroll down in order to see your custom fields.

If your custom fields are more important to you than the card’s description, you can push up the custom fields with the help of the Chrome extension Custom Fields First.

Custom Fields First Chrome Extension
Custom Fields First Chrome Extension

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Hack 4: Add/Remove Checklists automatically when a Custom Field is Set

Another interesting Butler workflow that involves checklists! With this command, you can automatically add (or remove) a checklist to a card once a specific custom field is set:

In this example, I have used a checkbox custom field. — Ticking the checkbox would first remove all already existing checklists from the card. But this is optional.

In a second step, it would add a pre-created checklist named “Severity Check” to this card.

Hack 5: Display your Number Stats by List

Another Trello Power-Up that is useful if you have a lot of number custom fields on your board, is the Number Stats Power-Up.

The Number Stats Power-Up lets you view aggregate data of number Custom Fields on your board.

The sum and average of all number Custom Fields are calculated and displayed by list.

Whether you have just a few cards with numeric data or hundreds — you can definitely save a lot of time by viewing the aggregates in an instant!

Need some more workflow ideas for cross-board interactions? Check out other Trello workflow articles on my website!

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Workflow Automation with Trello

Creative Approaches & Intelligent Solutions to Automate Workflows in Trello

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Workflow Automation with Trello

Creative Approaches & Intelligent Solutions to Automate Workflows in Trello

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