Popular Cross-Board Workflows For Trello Boards

Katrin Anger
Jul 15 · 4 min read

There are so many review articles on productivity tools that promise to get the work done quicker, better, easier. Which one should you choose?

I have chosen Trello, and what I love most about it is its flexibility. There seem to be endless ways of setting up a board and creating workflows.
In this article series, I want to showcase a few practical ideas that can be done with certain techniques, existing tools or inspiring workflow ideas.

This article series covers Trello hacks & workflow ideas across boards (this article), in boards, with custom fields and with checklists.

Popular Cross-Board Workflows for Trello Boards

Hack 1: Quickly Copy Labels From One Board To Another

Let’s say you have a number of labels in a board and would like to use them all (or a selection of them) in another board. Is there a way to get that done quickly?

Yes, there is!

The most elegant way is to set up a dummy card and add all those labels you want to have copied to this card. Then, copy the card to the other board.

When the card gets copied, the labels you had added are being copied as well. Once the dummy card is on the new board, you can delete it. The labels will remain there.

Hack 2: Create Linked Cards Per Command

For this hack, we are going to use the Butler Power-Up.

When you set up a rule with the Butler Power-Up, you can command that when a card is added to a certain list, the card is copied (not moved!) into another board and the two cards are linked to each other.

Once a link is established between the twin cards, you can do all kinds of mirroring between them — and creating nice workflows across boards.

Hack 3: Manually Link Two Cards

Have you missed to link two cards to each other?
Or, do you have only a one-directional link between two cards but would like to have the link both ways?

Not a problem!

Simply click “Connect cards” and establish the bi-directional link.

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Hack 4: Convert Checklist Items Into Linked Cards

Checklist items cannot hold much information. You can neither add any comments to a checklist item, nor can you add labels, attachments or due dates.

That’s cumbersome for many.

But there’s a solution.

You can convert a checklist item into a card, link the card and the checklist item to each other, and have the card moved to another board.

Here’s a basic command (created again with the Butler Power-Up) that would allow to do that:

Hack 5: Create A Master-To-Do Board That Updates Automatically

That’s a variation of a dashboard.
Boards that are set up in Trello’s classic style (“To Do”, “Doing”, “Done”) are perfectly suitable to sync their data into a central board.

Such a dashboard has a lot of advantages. Time-savings are obvious.
Gone are the tough times of checking back and forth between different project boards.
You are free to set up such a board with a full sync, or with a selective syncing mechanism.

This type of dashboard could be easily set up with the Butler Power-Up, but you could also use the Unito Power-Up.

Need some more workflow ideas for cross-board interactions? Check out the full article on my website which gets updated regularly.

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Workflow Automation with Trello

Creative Approaches & Intelligent Solutions to Automate Workflows in Trello

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Workflow Automation with Trello

Creative Approaches & Intelligent Solutions to Automate Workflows in Trello

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