Does everything always go according to plan at your company? Probably not. Your workflow should be agile enough to adapt to evolving situations.

Agility matters. Your workflow should enable your team to adapt to changes on the spot. This is why Workflow for JotForm includes the ability to reassign an approval to another team member with the click of a button. Now you and your team’s workflow can handle anything instantly.

Get Feedback.

Sometimes you don’t have all the information you need to make a decision. Need a second opinion? No problem. Simply re-assign a request to a team member who can then review it, provide comments, and re-assign it back to you.

Gain buy-in.

Reviewing an innovative project? You may need to run that by a few people. Easily re-assign the request to the right people so that the right people have access to the right information to make decisions in the flow you want.

Is someone out of the office? Out of town? Not by their computer? No need to halt progress or make a change to your workflow. Simply click “reassign” and your workflow will keep moving along without any downtime.

Adapt to unforeseen challenges.

Sometimes encountering new hurdles calls for looping in other team members. As your team grows and your workflow scales, new approval requests will arise on the spot to handle unique scenarios. If a team member encounters a situation which falls outside your typical workflow, they can improvise a new workflow layer by reassigning the approval.

Let’s take a look at an example at how this feature can deliver for you when it counts:

Eric is the CEO of a growing software company. The company has grown exponentially in the last year. When they were operating out of his garage, Eric could oversee every tiny detail to build an elegant product. Now that he oversees several hundred employees, Eric is bombarded with high-priority issues every day.

Rather than read every single email and attend every meeting, Eric created a JotForm he asks his employees to fill out with Workflow for JotForm. When he receives a request via Slack or email, he can easily reassign it with a short note. This way, he remains an active and accessible CEO without becoming distracted from his long-term goals for the company.

Every day presents new challenges. Often, with quick enough action, these challenges become opportunities to learn or to grow your business. Capture these opportunities with the click of a button. With Workflow for Jotform agility comes included.

Here’s what using the reassign feature looks like:

It’s as simple as that! Try Workflow for JotForm today or comment on this post with any questions!

Workflow for JotForm

Easily add workflow to your JotForms with Workflow for JotForm, powered by ProcessMaker

Matthieu McClintock

Written by

Product Manager @processmaker. Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect. I also play guitar and scream into a microphone at times.

Workflow for JotForm

Easily add workflow to your JotForms with Workflow for JotForm, powered by ProcessMaker

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