Matthieu McClintock
Nov 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Is your team always on the same page when making a decision? What about when you turn the page to make a new decision? How about when your team flips back and forth between hundreds of separate decisions a day like they’re hunting for words in a dictionary? If that sounds familiar, you need a solution to ensure your team is on the same page, looking at the same information, every time — a bookmark for your approvals.

Make more informed decisions with approval workflows for JotForm.

JotForm users can now create approval workflows where their team’s communication around any decision is organized. Each approver receives the decision and feedback of the previous approver, as well as the details of the request, via email or Slack. This leads to better informed, unified decisions.

Take this example:

Stephanie is the head of marketing for a tech company. She reviews all content before it’s published and has the final say in a long line of contributors. With the virtual stroke of her pen, content goes out into the world. It becomes a reflection of her organization.

Therefore, It’s important that she considers the feedback of all of her team members who have reviewed and contributed feedback on the document. Fortunately, Workflow for JotForm presents Stephanie with that information right in her inbox so she can make informed decisions on the fly.

With threaded comments in your JotForm workflows, everyone involved is updated when needed on the state of the workflow. The comments and decisions made by the last approvers are always right in front of you. This provides open dialogue between everyone along the workflow chain and provides your team with the ability to get more done with less work.

Craft an organizational memory to make better decisions.

Did you ever play the game “telephone” as a kid? The chain would start off with one story and by the time it was repeated enough time by word of mouth, the end result was a completely new story. Managing workflow manually isn’t too far off from this. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In a competitive business environment, there’s only room for one interpretation of your organization’s mission and the tasks at hand. Your organization can develop a shared memory around the work it does with an added layer of transparency. Workflow for JotForm bakes right into the communication tools your team already uses to make it super-simple to stay ahead of the pace of work.

Workflow for JotForm

Easily add workflow to your JotForms with Workflow for JotForm, powered by ProcessMaker

Matthieu McClintock

Written by

Product Manager @processmaker. Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect. I also play guitar and scream into a microphone at times.

Workflow for JotForm

Easily add workflow to your JotForms with Workflow for JotForm, powered by ProcessMaker

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