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How Abbott Manufacturing Singapore enhanced quality control and performance

Plant and QA change control processes implemented in less than 2 months

Since 1970 Abbott Manufacturing has been dedicated to helping people across the Asia-Pacific region live healthier lives through a diverse range of science-based nutritional products, diagnostic tools, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals.

During 2016, Abbott Manufacturing Singapore had decided to move to a specialist workflow product to provide enhanced quality control and performance. They eventually chose Advantys WorkflowGen which is distributed in the Asia Pacific region by OIA.

For many years Abbott Manufacturing Singapore used a Forms-driven approach to workflows which managed Plant and QA Change Control within manufacturing processes. These forms were static in nature and an addition to their email (Lotus Notes) environment.

“We needed to be able to generate analytics and reporting in a real-time sense to assist our change control and associated production processes” says Head of IT, Adrian Low. “We also needed a system that could be fully maintained in-house by my team and provide the flexibility to perform changes swiftly.

Training and delivery were completed over an elapsed period of a month and workflows were built by Abbott’s team over a period of 1–2 months.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of training and delivery — we are able to create workflow processes involving human and machine steps within a few days!” says Amir, Abdul Hamid Project manager for Abbott Manufacturing Singapore.




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