How to grow your digital business with process automation technology

Time to Market, Digital Technology Integration, CX/UX, Operational Agility driven by Digital Transformation (DX).

Digital Transformation (DX) is a hot topic — and a big market.

67 percent of technology leaders surveyed by HP Enterprise at Forbes Global 2000 enterprises expected their top initiatives to be related to Digital Transformation. The potential is over $18 trillion of new value to be harvested, according to IDC.

Organizations of all sizes must thus rethink their operations and business models in order to deliver an optimum customer experience across all channels, all the while mastering a constant transformational process.

IT everywhere demands fluid, integrated and adaptive processes orchestrated by agile workflow automation solutions. Holistic implementation of flows, processes and automation is essential to successful digital transformation.

As a technology vendor, we have embraced this paradigm shift and embarked upon a constant transformational process. Our goal is to craft refined and frictionless tools that provide the most direct path from ideation to actual implementation, and ultimately to help organizations master complexity with simplicity.

Time to market

In a rapidly changing business environment with increased competition, you need to accelerate the delivery of solutions to reach your target market at just the right time.

  • Seamlessly use WorkflowGen as an orchestration engine for process-driven business applications.
  • Increase your team’s efficiency by leveraging a low-code and highly configurable workflow engine and form designer.

Digital Technology integration

In a hyper-connected technological landscape, WorkflowGen enables you to embed solutions using the latest integration technology standards.

Customer Experience (CX)/User Experience (UX)

The continuous improvement of customer and user experience is probably the biggest driver of Digital Transformation (DX).

  • Engage end-users with a comprehensive, mobile-ready and customizable workflow portal.
  • Enable process designers to visually create web forms and business rules without programming.
  • Let developers implement complex integrations and transform web forms into sophisticated business apps in a low-code application development environment.

Operational agility

Digital Transformation (DX) is enabled by technology, but is implemented by people. To achieve operational agility, culture, skills and vision all need to evolve at the speed of technological change.

  • Adapt processes in real time to meet ever-changing business conditions.
  • Break the silo mentality and favor communication between departments by automating transversal business processes that require the collaboration of multiple departments as well as IT professionals.
  • Share application development tools across the organization and empower participants through active roles in process automation using WorkflowGen’s visual process and form designers.
  • Allow your team to focus resources on core value delivery while leveraging WorkflowGen to address your process automation needs.

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Grow your digital business with fluid process automation.

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