How Toshiba-Tec improved control over its administrative and logistical operations

A WorkflowGen process automation solution implemented by Office Information Australia (OIA)



Toshiba-Tec Malaysia Manufacturing is a leading provider of technology solutions in Malaysia, with affiliates in many neighboring countries. Operating in a highly distributed market, Toshiba-Tec needed to be able to respond to market demands and logistical challenges in a fast and efficient manner.

The challenge was to convert paper forms and informal office processes into reliable and auditable web-based practices in order to obtain greater control over administrative and logistical operations. The solution needed to do the following:

  • Save time by prevent bottlenecks in decision-making
  • Provide real-time reporting so that request status and progress could be monitored in a timely fashion
  • Facilitate tighter connections between Toshiba-Tec and its customers and suppliers
  • Enable staff to develop their own business process systems

The WorkflowGen solution

  • Implementation of a full production version of WorkflowGen
  • Ability to integrate of WorkflowGen’s workflow engine with the existing Oracle ERP and warehousing systems
  • Quick and easy creation of web forms and workflows for administrative approvals, transport requests, purchasing and other line-of-business requirements

“We have made a lot of progress in-house with WorkflowGen and can look at integrating its advanced reporting and analytics throughout the business. Support from OIA has been provided where needed.”

— Lim Siew Ling — ITS Department, Toshiba-Tec.


  • Elimination of bottlenecks and automatic job queueing dramatically reduce processing time
  • Ability to create web forms and workflows in-house lets the company maintain control of its processes
  • Accurate, real-time reporting and analytics
  • Reliability and integrity of audits
  • Process actors can monitor the status of their requests at all times
  • Improvement in communication and relations between the company and its customers and suppliers

“The WorkflowGen engine will allow Toshiba-Tec to integrate everyday activities with their Oracle ERP and other Warehousing systems in due course.”

Yi Wei Ang, Account manager, Office Information Australia




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