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Business Process Complexity Management

WorkflowGen handles high request volumes and back-office integrations

Duke-NUS Medical School is a graduate medical school in Singapore. This collaboration between Duke University in the United States and the National University of Singapore was set up in 2005.

In 2018, Duke-NUS embarked on a project to select a suitable workflow tool to automate some of its time-consuming administrative processes; these included physical applications for childcare and parental leave. The tool needed to cope with potentially high volumes of forms together with integrations to back-office systems for authentication and record-keeping. ​ After a period of in-depth testing, the school selected WorkflowGen process automation solution from Advantys, based in Canada…

A WorkflowGen process automation solution implemented by Office Information Australia (OIA)

Toshiba-Tec Malaysia Manufacturing is a leading provider of technology solutions in Malaysia, with affiliates in many neighboring countries. Operating in a highly distributed market, Toshiba-Tec needed to be able to respond to market demands and logistical challenges in a fast and efficient manner.

The challenge was to convert paper forms and informal office processes into reliable and auditable web-based practices in order to obtain greater control over administrative and logistical operations. The solution needed to do the following:

  • Save time by prevent bottlenecks in decision-making
  • Provide real-time reporting so that request status and progress could be monitored in a timely…

WorkflowGen makes even the most complex business requirements simple to implement, deploy and update

The service portfolio is the core repository for all information on all services in this organization. Each service is listed along with its current status and history. Service portfolio requests originate in different sectors of the company, and are separated into packages.

Originally, the company would have its IT department program its service portfolio processes, but each time a modification was requested, the developers would then have to reprogram the entire process, which was inefficient and consumed significant resources. WorkflowGen was thus chosen as the solution for this process. …

Deep integration across multiple organizations with a single WorkflowGen implementation

WorkflowGen’s versatility and flexibility enable it to function not only within a single organization but also as an orchestration engine that works in the background coordinating, managing and streamlining processes across multiple organizations with just one implementation. WorkflowGen’s fluid and frictionless integration features let the companies involved maintain their existing platforms and software infrastructures.

An example of this type of use case is of medical billing and payment companies that act as intermediaries between hospitals and insurance providers. The three separate organizations and multiple participants involved in this kind of process often experience problems with their billing procedures and communications…

A cloud-based, process-driven integrated solution to optimize and enhance both the client and the agent experience

The objective of this case study is to demonstrate the interaction between an extranet client portal and the management of requests that can be created with the WorkflowGen Business Process Management workflow solution, along with the benefits of this type of integration.

The use case presented here is of an insurance company that provides its individual and enterprise clients with a secure customized web portal that lets them consult information on their contracts and submit dematerialized medical care reimbursement requests.

The client web portal is an extranet site independent of the request management platform (WorkflowGen, in this case) that can…

Digitize paper-based processes and empower employees with WorkflowGen

For a government organization with thousands of employees, having to manage endless administrative requests (such as badge requests, room reservations and IT assistance) can quickly become a nightmare — especially when most are still paper-based! The data entry required for each and every request is painstaking and time-consuming, and certainly not very rewarding for the employee tasked with doing it. Moreover, there was no actual technical infrastructure in place to manage request workflows.

Besides the obvious need to digitize and automate processes, a “one-stop shop” was needed as a central hub users could rely on to launch any type of…

Plant and QA change control processes implemented in less than 2 months

Since 1970 Abbott Manufacturing has been dedicated to helping people across the Asia-Pacific region live healthier lives through a diverse range of science-based nutritional products, diagnostic tools, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals.

During 2016, Abbott Manufacturing Singapore had decided to move to a specialist workflow product to provide enhanced quality control and performance. They eventually chose Advantys WorkflowGen which is distributed in the Asia Pacific region by OIA.

For many years Abbott Manufacturing Singapore used a Forms-driven approach to workflows which managed Plant and QA Change Control within manufacturing processes. …

An entire approval circuit based on a company directory

When managing hundreds of subsidiaries under the umbrella of one large corporation, keeping track of and controlling all required legal authorizations can cause real headaches. In this organization, these requests were being passed between different actors — on paper forms! Needless to say, this process was a hassle, inefficient, and not very secure. With no efficient way to properly manage and track requests, forms would easily get lost, or languish on someone’s desk while they were on vacation, creating bottlenecks and confusion.

To centralize and optimize this internal process, the solution needed to do the following:

  • Integrate with the company’s…

Hundreds of business rules managed in a third-party database dynamically applied at process runtime

A major industrial group with 40,000 employees across 90 countries needed to automate complex purchase order processes, with the following requirements:

  • Hundreds of possible validation routes relating to numerous criteria such as business unit, company, division, allocation code, amount, currency, request type, etc.
  • All business rules were managed manually in an MS Excel file, with no centralized repository or business rules engine in place
  • Complex request routing of up to 10 successive validation levels
  • The solution had to offer an optimal desktop and mobile experience as well as the ability to validate requests via simple emails
  • Granular delegation management was…

Turning the time to process applications from weeks to days with WorkflowGen's workflow automation

A high priority for Graduate Schools is to manage and provide funding for student and faculty grant competitions that take place each year. Traditionally, the application and approval processes for these competitions are paper-based and thus highly labor-intensive and time-consuming. Since a typical grant application can go through as many as ten separate approval points, there needed to be a way to streamline the paper flow, and reduce the time taken to complete the approval process.

The process also had to be more transparent in order to reveal bottlenecks and delays that were threatening the success of any particular application.


Business Process Complexity Management

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