Webhooks in WorkflowGen

A versatile new integration feature

Among many integration possibilities, such as the new GraphQL API, WorkflowGen also features incoming and outgoing webhooks functionalities.

About webhooks

Webhooks are a modern integration solution that allow an API to exchange information with other applications through HTTP POST requests. Since they allow instant real-time communication, webhooks are efficient and very easy to deploy. For example, they can be used for notifications when an expected event has occurred, or to build integrations with extendable applications such as Slack, GitHub and Dropbox.

WorkflowGen webhooks communicate in both directions:

Outgoing webhooks are a simple way to post notifications from an API to an external resource, such as to post a message to a Slack channel.

WorkflowGen uses the SENDHTTPPOST workflow application to send outgoing webhooks to external applications using JSON or URLENCODED payloads. The SENDHTTPPOST application then receives and processes the responses from the external API.

Incoming webhooks allow users to perform operations in WorkflowGen from external sources, such as to create or cancel requests; complete, cancel or assign actions; add or remove comments; create, update or delete favorites; and cancel request actions by name.

In WorkflowGen, the incoming webhook application receives HTTP POST request payloads formatted as JSON objects, and interprets them as configured in the API.

How it works

Take a look at how you can use a webhook integration to send messages from WorkflowGen to Slack:

Tutorial: How to send messages from WorkflowGen to Slack using webhooks


There are several resources available on how to configure and use webhooks in WorkflowGen:

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