WorkflowGen for iManage

Add process automation and compliance to iManage Work

WorkflowGen’s integration possibilities allow it to be transparently and fluidly embedded into other popular platforms. A great example of this is Office Information Australia’s use of WorkflowGen embedded in its Document Approval process for iManage, a leading document and management system.

The solution eliminates paper forms, drastically reduces the number of emails involved in the workflow, keeps a detailed request history, lets users launch and track document approvals from anywhere on any device — all while maintaining the interface users are already familiar with.

Technical solutions

  • WorkflowGen User Portal embedded into iManage client interfaces (FileSite, Desksite, WorkSite Web and SharePoint) to let users launch processes by simply right-clicking on the document.
  • Bidirectional integration to allow users to view the iManage document repository from within a workflow application, where they can search for documents and attach them to requests.
  • Processes can be called directly from a URL to allow highly customized User Portal environments that can display specific WorkflowGen processes within lists of links.
  • Users can set deadlines and provide details in their documents.
  • The Dashboard feature to let users track the status of their document approvals in real time at every stage of the process.
  • Integration between Workflowgen and iManage Work to leverage the existing user directory and interface.
  • Multi-approver processes can be easily defined using WorkflowGen’s easy-to-use integrated workflow and form designers.
  • Workflow data can be used as document metadata and vice-versa.
  • Support for the creation and management of workspaces and custom metadata.
  • Process forms and data can be converted to PDF and stored in the repository.
Trigger a document approval process in WorkflowGen from iManage Work


  • Paper forms are eliminated, saving time and resources while ensuring the integrity of process data.
  • Users can set workflow deadlines and easily track the processing of requests.
  • Tight and seamless integration of WorkflowGen into the existing iManage Work interface lets users continue to work in a familiar environment while providing new functionalities in both the foreground and the background.
  • Documents can be routed to other approvers or sent back to the requester for modifications.
  • Documents can be stored in predefined folders as configured in the workflow applications.
  • Existing document metadata can be updated dynamically over the entire workflow.
  • Email notifications keep users up-to-date on their requests over the entire course of the workflow, and include the form archive, a link to open the document from directly within iManage, and links to document metadata.