XROS is now Workgroup!

We are excited to unveil the new Workgroup app today!

Workgroup will replace our previous app, XROS, and all users and workgroups from XROS are now on the new Workgroup apps.

If you had XROS installed on your mobile, just upgrade the XROS app in the store (for most users this happens automatically), and you will notice the icon has changed, and everything will continue to work as usual.

So Welcome to Workgroup!

Why Workgroup?

We do our best work when we work well together with other people, pulling together skills, talent and resources to get things done.

A Workgroup is any group of people working together on an ongoing activity, regardless if they are from the same company or not. It could be clients and providers, a team dedicated to a project, or business partners discussing a deal.

As soon as we launched XROS, we could immediately see that Workgroups were the app’s most unique and powerful part, where our users generated the most value — and therefore we decided to focus the entire company and our apps around making workgroups work better, faster and more efficiently.

In reality, most work related groups today communicate via group emails. Think about it this way: every email conversation you are on right now, with several people on Cc, is actually a workgroup, communicating in a medium that is by design slow and inefficient.

To ease the switch from email to real time communication, we made our workgroups even simpler and faster to create and join, you can invite people to a workgroup by email address, or simply sending them an invite-link. As soon as they click the link — they are in your workgroup. they don’t have to register, open teams, get permissions, or set passwords. In fact, we made creating a workgroup as easy as writing a group email — but much faster and more effective once the conversation has started.

You can use Workgroup on the web, your desktop app or your mobile app — all are available here: www.workgroup.im

So go ahead, take your first workgroup online, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the app, and getting your feedback!

The Workgroup Team.