Jan 8: Counter-Strike’s Silver Snipers, more PUBG bans and Fortnite at the Australian Open

Hi all! Finally esports land is slowly waking from its holiday-induced slumber, be it mostly with announcements of things to come. I’ll take it though. As a nice diversion, CNN has a story about CS:GO team the Silver Snipers. Their average age is 67 and there’s women in there! Meme boxes ticked. Oh and then there’s below.

PUBG bans hit Europe

Last week PUBG’s North American National Pro League banned four professional players implicated in the December cheating ban wave. The European PEL has now followed suit, ejecting twelve competitors of its own. Penalties range from two to four year suspensions, depending on the offense. The team Sans domicile fixe will lose its Contenders spot since all of its players have been suspended, whereas the Pittsburgh Knights and Red Diamonds are going to have to replace one player each.

Event news

  • Tennis tournament Australian Open has announced it will be hosting a $500,000 AUD Fortnite event. The Fortnite Summer Smash will take place on January 26th (I know, right?) and take the form of a solos tournament as well as a charity event. Registration opens tomorrow, but will only be available to residents of Australia or New Zealand.
  • Riot Games have released the schedule for the first week of League of Legends’ European competition and the full Spring calendar for its Korean counterpart. The LEC starts January 18th with Fnatic facing SK Gaming, whereas SKT T1 will face JAG on January 16th in the LCK.
  • Dota 2’s 2019 will commence this Wednesday with the Bucharest Minor, groups and schedule for which have now been made available. It features the usual $300,000 USD and 500 DPC point prize pool, as well as a single invite for the upcoming Chongqing Major.
  • A new Counter-Strike tournament series has been announced, titled LOOT.BET HotShot. It features a $20,000 USD prize pool and will run from February 3–9. There is a European qualifier today, with the CIS variant taking place on Thursday.
  • Crowd-funded Heroes of the Storm tournament the Nexus Contest starts today. It has accrued a $2,500 USD prize pool as well as some Razer gear and pits regional teams, as opposed to professionally signed lineups, against each other.

Roster changes

Call of Duty

  • Pittsburgh Knights sign Ricky and Saints


  • innocent leaves 2019
  • gMd to join Spacestation?

League of Legends

Rocket League

  • Kronovi leaves G2, replaced by EG’s Chicago