Feb 1: Overwatch League’s store and ticket return, another round of Hearthstone nerfs arrives and Chovy hits 104 KDA in League of Legends

Good morning all, TGIF! Ok so.. pet peeve, but maybe we can stop writing about how “$institution is afraid of Fortnite” every time they use it in a sentence? Sure, it’s a phenomenon, with Ninja even doing a Super Bowl ad now, but it’s honestly getting a little silly. In other news, with all the talks of gentleman’s agreements and such, I thought this look into the challenges of crafting a coherent (and accepted) rule set for Smash was interesting. And then there’s below.. have a great weekend!

Overwatch League store and ticket return

The new Overwatch League store has gone live. Usually I don’t care much for merchandising news, but since it’s the new powered-by-Fanatics one it’s somewhat interesting, even if the prices are rather high and us non-US folk are back to getting screwed on shipping again. The OWL’s also renewed its Twitch All-Access offering, which includes a reworked spectating experience.

The nerfbat revisists Hearthstone

Blizzard has also announced new balance changes coming to Hearthstone in February. On top of the already announced ranking adjustments, these are all nerfs to cards which the balance team deem them too dominant in the current meta. Unsurprisingly, not everyone agrees.

Chovy hits 104 KDA in LCK

During yesterday’s trashing of SKT T1 in Korea’s League of Legends competition, Team Griffin mid Chovy managed to reach a 104 KDA. Breaking it down, this includes 44 kills, 60 assists and only one death over the seasons’ 10 games so far, which is kind of ridiculous.

Event news

  • Wizards of the Coast have announced the Mythic Invitational. This $1 million USD Magic: The Gathering Arena tournament will take place at Boston’s PAX East March 28–31. 64 player slots are available, which will be filled by the top contenders in the game’s February Mythic Constructed Ranking.
  • The WePlay! events keep coming, with the organizer having announced it’s bringing some Valentine Madness to Dota 2. Taking place from February 9th through 16th, it will see a $100,000 USD total prize pool.
  • The Swedish football association and DreamHack will be cooperating to create a FIFA 19 league in the country. The eAllsvenskan league will feature teams from 12 professional Swedish soccer clubs and be part of the game’s Global Series.

Roster changes


  • BIG replacing Smooya with nex?
  • SPELLAN’s contract with Windigo runs out
  • Kinguin join Black Devils

League of Legends

  • Team SoloMid sign amateur team


  • Mangachu signed to Mayhem Academy
  • ChrisTFeR joins Philadelphia Fusion coaching staff

Street Fighter V

  • Tokido leaves Echo Fox

Game updates

  • Black Ops 4 adds a new playlist and tweaks various settings
  • CS:GO adds Zoo and Abbey to its competitive rotation
  • Fortnite squashes some newly introduced bugs
  • PUBG’s nighttime Vikendi is now live