Feb 11: More cuts at Blizzard, Dota goes Disney, Luminosity drops Fortnite scammer, Nintendo lies about lag and Red Reserve implodes

Good morning all, hope you had a great weekend. A lot has been happening while we were away. No, don’t worry, Apex Legends has continued smashing records. Reddit is unhappy about the quality of the Overwatch League’s preseason and League of Legends’ handling of toxic players though. And PUBG won a prize for.. being the last battle royale left on Steam. Yay?

Activision Blizzard to announce more cuts

Activision Blizzard is rumored to be getting ready to announce more job cuts this Tuesday. They are part of a restructuring effort following a decline in revenue and come on top of earlier, much publicized measures.

Dota 2 goes to Disney

ESI is claiming that one of the two still to be announced Dota 2 Majors will be held in Disneyland, Paris. They received this information through an unnamed recruitment consultant, who was looking to fill a position at the event. The Major is said to be hosted by Mars Media of MDL fame and will take place in either May or June.

Red Reserve implodes

Word has it that esports organization Red Reserve is leaving the scene. No details as to the why have been made available yet, but with its players and content creators departing en masse, it soon won’t really matter anymore anyway.

LCS creep blocking controversy

While standard in Dota 2, the practice of blocking creeps to slow down the minion wave is not allowed in League of Legends. In fact, the ability to do was thought to have been fixed by developer Riot Games. That is, until 100 Thieves pulled it out versus Clutch Gaming in the LCS this Saturday. The league’s commissioner has since released a statement, clarifying that while it’s in fact not considered an illegal move, the communication hereof to teams has been inconsistent.

Nintendo under fire over lag response

During this weekend’s North American Open event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo’s Switch online services apparently ran into some difficulties, translating to lag in-game. While this is unfortunate, it can happen. What was probably not the best response was cutting to the desk and have the host claim it was just a visual glitch, however. We’ll chalk it up as a learning experience?

Luminosity release Fortnite pro accused of scamming

Fortnite player Kreo has been released by Luminosity Gaming after he allegedly scammed another player. In a YouTube video, the pro was accused of agreeing to boost an account, only to run off with the $100 USD promised. Unsurprisingly, this behavior does not match up with the level of professionalism the organization was looking for.

Dota 2 Hero Builds Project ends

As already hinted at back in December, TorteDeLini has officially announced that he’ll stop updating his in-game guides for Dota 2. In a post on his blog he says he’s achieved his goals with the project and, after six years at it, has lost his motivation to continue.

Event news

  • FACEIT has announced the next season of its ECS Counter-Strike competition, be it with some big changes in formatting. The latter have been made to reduce the number of games in the competition, in an effort to combat player burn-out. Over 20 teams are expected to take part in the season, which starts in March and will see a June finals at Wembley. The total prize pool is a cool $750,000 USD.

Roster changes

Call of Duty

  • Former Red Reserve roster to Ghost Gaming?
  • Beastn released from Mindreak, to be replaced with Tainted Minds’ Setzyy?


  • Entity Gaming sign Poki
  • ELUSIVE retires from Denial Esports
  • eNergy disbands as bLacKpoisoN and Domsterr try out at Denial in his stead
  • eUnited acquire 3 from Swole Patrol, announce changes

Dota 2


  • Luminosity Gaming release Kreo

Heroes of the Storm

  • Team Liquid roster released with co-CEO Nazgul leaving some choice words regarding Blizzard’s handling of HGC


  • Red Reserve CoD, CS:GO and Rocket League squads depart org


  • Dogman promoted to Atlanta Reign main roster