Feb 4: FBI investigating Discord, Magic pros disappointed and cheating at Clash Royale and the Overwatch League store

Morning all. So this weekend’s Marshmello thing in Fortnite was apparently the future of entertainment. I have Opinions™ about this, but I’ll share them later. For now the video is here. I’d also like to extend my congratulations to Dota 2 pro Maybe. Having recently taken some time off from competitive play, it turns out this was to give him the opportunity to get married. Sadly, most of today’s other news is of a less positive nature.

FBI investigating criminal Discord use

Alarmists are go as Forbes is reporting that “Gamer’s Paradise” Discord is struggling to come to terms with cyber-criminals using its platform. This is of course par for the course for anyone offering services on the Internet these days, but the combination gamers and unicorn make it an interesting story for some.

Magic pros disappointed about Mythic Invitational

You’d figure that Wizards of the Coast’s recent announcement of a $1 million USD Invitational at PAX East would be great news for its pro scene. Unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of events these days, a substantial part of the slots for the tournament will go to personalities instead of dedicated competitors. This has left the latter group understandably unamused.

Clash Royale player accused of cheating

A professional Clash Royale player was accused of cheating at the Red Bull MEO World Finals 2019 in Germany this weekend. He allegedly communicated with his manager through earbuds during a match to gain insights into his opponent’s plays. Apparently he did so badly, as he lost the match, but ESL have disqualified him nonetheless.

Heroes creative content lead moves on

With the majority of the Heroes of the Storm team set for redistribution after Activision Blizzard announced it’d cut the game’s esports component, the latest to leave is Kevin Michael Johnson. Also known as Cloaken, the game’s Creative Content Lead and caster has announced he’ll be pursuing other endeavors inside the company.

Denial owner suspended from Twitter

Well, the new Denial Esports still proves to be true to its.. colorful roots, with owner Zach Smith getting suspended from Twitter after a video surfaced of him using homophobic slurs. He was previously banned from last year’s MLG Columbus for physically threatening another attendee.

Twitch’s new moderation tools live

Twitch has released the new moderation tools it first announced at last year’s TwitchCon. These give mods (channel-specific) of each user’s history relating to a channel, which seems like pretty handy background info to have.

Overwatch store gear not matching that of pros

Last week the new Overwatch League store, run by merchandiser Fanatics, opened. Admittedly that trade can be hard, but step one seems like it should be making sure your gear actually resembles that which the pros wear. Spoiler: in this case it does not. In other news, the OWL’s preseason schedule appears to have been leaked.

Event news

  • Alisports has announced that this year’s WESG Grand Finals will be taking place in Chongqing, China. The multi-game competition will play out its final stages in March, for a total prize pool said to be over $2.5 million USD. The Dota 2 tournament will be excluded from the stadium stage however, due to the game’s busy calendar that month.
  • The Asian Development League has announced four new Counter-Strike seasons for 2019. They will reportedly sport ~$59,400 USD in prize money, with the first’s closed qualifier starting March 4th and its finals being played in April.

Roster changes


  • paiN return with former Wild members
  • Giants sign ZELIN
  • NEO announces free agency
  • Smooya trying out at Denial Esports?
  • Rogue sign niko

Dota 2


  • Panda Global sign Asa Butterfield