Feb 5: Valve issues almost a million more bans, Hi-Rez employee arrested and who killed Jaina Proudmoore?

Hello hello! So it looks like we’ve got another battle royale on our hands, this time by the people behind Titanfall. Haven’t had a chance to take it for a spin yet, but Eurogamer’s got the info dump. In other news, apparently Reinforce will be on the OWL cast after all and s1mple held an AMA on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Valve issued almost a million VAC bans in January

Continuing the trend it started with Counter-Strike going free to play in December, Valve has apparently been averaging 25,000 bans a day during January. The game still saw an average player count of 401,366 over the same period.

Hi-Rez employee and streamer arrested

Apparently a Hi-Rez Studios employee and Twitch streamer was one of 20 arrests in a child sex sting conducted over the Super Bowl weekend. No further information is available at this time, but perhaps that’s for the best.

Gfinity to host CWL London

Gfinity will host the third Call of Duty World League open competition, it has announced. Specifically, this is the May 3–5 London stop and will feature a $325,000 USD professional and a $75,000 USD amateur competition.

Who killed Jaina Proudmoore?

Well, nobody yet! The latest World of Warcraft raid race has been going on for a week now and has a whopping 28 guilds on the final boss. Currently the best try is Method’s 9.9% on their 296th pull of her. Of course, it didn’t help that Blizzard decided to apply a hot fix which made the fight harder mid-race, but it’s all still becoming pretty close.

Roster changes


  • Windigo’s entire roster up for transfer
  • mousesports remove STYKO, chrisJ and Imbt from active duty
  • Ave steps down from coaching North

StarCraft II

  • MC returns and joins ROOT Gaming