Feb 6: Apex Legends hits big milestones, how to cash like a champion and violent games tax coming to Pennsylvania?

Morning! The CEO of Hi-Rez Studios has released a statement on their arrested employee or, rather, former employee now. In interviews, today’s menu has an AMA with the president of the Florida Mayhem and an interview with McLaren’s director of esports. And then.. there’s below.

Apex Legends hits big milestones

So, technically this isn’t an esport (yet?), but since everyone else is talking about it.. Respawn’s Apex Legends has hit some major milestones during its launch day, hitting 1 million players in its first 8 hours and 2.5 million by the end of the day, with a 600,000 concurrent players peak. It didn’t do badly on Twitch either, which is good news for EA after a difficult quarter.

How to cash like a champion

A new site, How To Become An eSports Champion (sic), was launched which uses detailed market data to predict the average winnings in an esport for the next 5 years. Its premise that your choice of discipline based on potential winnings would make you a champion seems flawed, but its data is food for thought at least.

Violent games tax coming to Pennsylvania?

Yeah, you guessed it, we have another politician doing the “but what about the children?” spiel. A bill has been introduced in Pennsylvania aiming to place a 10% tax on “adult and mature rated” video games sold in the state. It’s the second go at this, with a first attempt being struck down in October of last year.

Event news

  • The FIFA eClub World Cup is kicking off February 9th. Sixteen teams will be competing for a $100,000 USD prize pool and Global Series Points for the FIFA eWorld Cup (no, they’re not strong at names) in summer.
  • In other FIFA news, the second run of the eMLS League Series is set to begin February 17th in Dallas, Texas. While it features a “mere” $5,000 grand prize, it does determine the seeding for the eMLS Cup, which in turn yields Global Points as well.
  • Next week, Rainbow Six Siege’s Six Invitational 2019 takes place. Starting February 11th, sixteen teams will face off for a $1 million USD prize pool. Proceedings take place in Montreal, Canada and will be streamed on Twitch.
  • Lastly, the qualifier dates for the next Dota 2 Minor have been released. Come March, eight teams will face off in Kiev, Ukraine, for the main tournament’s spoils. First, however, they have to brave these gauntlets, which will be starting tomorrow.

Roster changes


  • m1cks leaves SpaceStation for a Rogue trial
  • Epsilon sign SPELLAN, k1to and broky
  • Nemiga remove hitMouse from active duty

Dota 2

  • ninjaboogie released from TNC Predator


  • OWL adds Wolf and Achilios to the S2 casting desk

Smash Melee

  • aMSa signs with Red Bull Esports

Game updates