Feb 8: TSM coming to CS:GO, ranked play to Fortnite and Riot Games takes some direction

Good morning all. Take-Two has won a default judgement of $150,000 USD against a cheat creator in GTA Online. It’s probably too hopeful to suggest this may deter similar behavior in other games, but fingers crossed. Apex Legends, meanwhile, keeps smashing records and then there’s this story on Russian event organizer Game Show which.. I don’t really know what to do with. And, as always, there’s below as well. I’ll see you on Monday. Have a great weekend!

TSM re-entering CS:GO?

North American esports organization Team SoloMid is said to be exploring options to re-enter professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Reportedly members of the organization have reached out to multiple players benched on their respective rosters in hopes of forming a new squad. The org has not fielded a CS:GO team since January 2017.

Ranked play comes to Fortnite

It’s not very surprising that Fortnite would join the club of games running in-game events for Valentine, but the announcement of its “Share The Love” event includes some interesting news on the competitive front. Apparently it will include a rudimentary ranked play system, which is something players have been clamoring for for a while. The news comes on the heels of the developer announcing additional custom matchmaking features yesterday.

Riot announces new League content tool

Riot Games have announced a new content creation tool for League of Legends. Making use of the Replay API, the “League Director” gives creators greatly expanded control over what they can show from in-game replays. Currently only working with the game’s test servers, it is released as open-source and is intended as a starting point for further development by the community.

In other news, the developer’s workplace culture woes are set to feature in an Escapist Magazine video piece February 12th.

Event news

  • We finally know the Overwatch League’s preseason plans, with a five day “Community Countdown” starting this weekend. During this event the OWL teams will play two days of regular matches in Blizzard’s arena, followed by two days of their individual players facing off in custom games. The fifth and final day is reserved for the obligatory “the same but now with streamers” festivities. It has also been announced that the OWL will see more exposure on television this season, with ESPN, ABC and Disney XD all set to broadcast matches.
  • After yesterday’s announcement that they’ll also be working with Blizzard for StarCraft II this year, there’s more good news for organizer StarLadder as they’ve reportedly bagged a Counter-Strike Major. It will take place in Berlin this Fall and is the first official Major that the company will play host to.
  • Next weekend will see DreamHack descend on Leipzig and proceedings will include what looks to be a pretty stacked Rocket League tournament. Notably it will see all RLCS teams at the same LAN event, competing for $100,000 USD in winnings.

Roster changes


  • karrigan leaves Envy
  • DJOXiC to Entity

Dota 2

  • Mushi to leave Tigers?
  • Former EG-member mason playing with a new squad