Mar 13: Dota Auto Chess passes 6 million subs, Zirene leaves Riot Games and ESPN’s College Esports Championship announced

Hi there. MrBeast has released footage of his real-life battle royale and Respawn has commented on the lack of news for theirs. There’s also some worry about match-fixing at WESG and Jatt has an interesting look at Riven’s perceived power over at the League of Legends sub. And then..

Dota Auto Chess passes 6 million subs

We do like our games to have big numbers and Dota 2 mod Auto Chess has just hit another one. Reaching 4 million subscribers but a few weeks ago, the title has now graduated to 6 million.

Zirene leaves Riot Games

Popular LCS analyst and caster Zirene has announced his departure from Riot Games. He is the second analyst to leave North America’s League of Legends broadcast, after colleague Jatt moved teams at the beginning of the year. Riot has meanwhile announced that the reworked champion Kayle will join Sylas in the currently disabled for competition club.

Event news

  • BANDAI NAMCO have announced a new run of the Tekken World Tour this year. It features 25+ international stops, a minimum $185,000 USD overall prize pool and a $100,000 USD purse available at its Bangkok, Thailand, finals.
  • The groups and schedule for the season’s third Dota 2 Major have been revealed. The $1M USD/15,000 point event is set to kick off in Stockholm tomorrow.
  • ESPN has announced it will be organizing a College Esports Championship. It will feature players from colleges throughout North America, with players competing for scholarships. Games played will be Overwatch, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm and its finals are set for May 10–12 in Houston
  • Lastly, in Fortnite’s latest patch Epic Games have introduced a new duos tournament called the Scallywag Duo Cup. A test of the titles in-game prize payment systems, it will feature a $100,000 USD prize and start March 16th.

Roster changes

Call of Duty

  • Envoy replaces SpaceLy on Gen.G


Dota 2

  • iLTW released by OG


  • FaZe Clan sign Sway

League of Legends

  • Zirene leaves Riot Games (see above)

Rainbow Six

  • Fnatic sign specad00d

Game updates