Mar 14: EA paid streamers to play Apex Legends, disgraced Fortnite pro responds and Call of Duty’s franchise price set at $25 million

Good morning. We have a date for Overwatch hero Baptiste’s arrival, which will be on March 19th. PUBG’s Brendan Greene has announced that he’ll be leaving the game’s day-to-day to focus on new game concepts to presumably sue people over and Aldi.. well, I don’t know what they were thinking.

EA paid Ninja and shroud to play Apex Legends

According to an anonymous Reuters source, EA paid Ninja $1 million to promote Apex Legends over his usual battle royale Fortnite when the new title launched. Shroud, now one of the game’s premier streamers, was reportedly paid as well, but no details for that deal are known. None of this is surprising, but the amounts are still ridiculous.

Disgraced Fortnite pro responds to allegations

Former Fortnite pro Cowboy has responded to last week’s accusations of him sending inappropriate messages to a minor. He denies any truth to the story, which lost him his spot on Team SoloMid. His response does not mention anything regarding his future plans, aside from proclaiming he still has a passion for competitive Fortnite.

Call of Duty franchise slots set at $25 million

ESPN is reporting that Activision Blizzard has begun the process of franchising Call of Duty’s esports. The city-tied slots for the new league are said to go for $25 million USD a piece. Overwatch League team owners are thought to have first right of negotiation for their home markets.

Event news

  • ESL has released the schedule for the regular season of its CS:GO Pro League. Both the European region as well as the Americas are set to start groups April 12th, with the second stage commencing May 14th.
  • The schedule for BLAST Pro’s Counter-Strike event in São Paulo is available as well. This $250,000 USD shindig will be played out next week.

Roster changes


  • suNny in talks to leave mousesports for ENCE?
  • BARBARR retires
  • a2z to coach eUnited

Dota 2

  • ana rejoins OG

Fortnite (et al)

  • Symfuhny joins NRG Esports
  • T1 sign sonii, JuanK as “battle royale competitors”
  • T1 sign SOFAFN and FulmerFN to NA Fortnite squad
  • T1 announce Korean Fortnite squad
  • T1 announce BBFloris as global Fortnite coach

League of Legends

  • Team Vitality replace VIT_Cookie with Toasterr123 on academy team


Game updates