Mar 19: Apex gets a pass, Overwatch League flips a coin, Call of Duty goes mobile and PUBG fingered in Indian railway deaths

Hi all. Respawn Entertainment have finally put a date to Apex Legends’ battle pass and it’s today! Tfue, meanwhile is the next streamer out of commission due to medical reasons and look, Epic’s disabled another thing they just added!

Overwatch League flips a coin

With two teams tied for third and sixth place in its playoff standings, the Overwatch League has opted to resolve the matter with one set playing an off-screen match and the other two flipping a coin. Supposedly each team chose their poison, but either feels a little disappointing to fans.

Call of Duty goes mobile

Activision has announced that it’s bringing the Call of Duty franchise to mobile. The aptly named Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t have a release date yet, but it has a site and pre-registration for Android users. The game appears to be a mashup of earlier titles in the series. So far, map-wise, Nuketown and Crash have been confirmed.

PUBG Mobile fingered in Indian railway deaths

The Indian PUBG Mobile ban thing is not going away just yet, with authorities in the country now claiming 2 dead because they were playing the game near railway tracks. Tragic (and stupid) if true, but it feels like we’re reaching now.

Cloud9 to lose New Legends slot?

With the most recent Major behind us, Cloud9 has been shuffling its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster in preparation for the next one. These moves may have put the organization’s spot in Berlin’s New Legends stage at risk, however. To be able to enter the competition at that point, the team is required to have retained at least three players that competed previously, something that now seems in jeopardy.

Event news

  • Dota 2’s final Major of the season has been revealed to be hosted by EPICENTER end of June. The event will take place in Moscow, Russia. Better get those visa applications ready boys.

Roster changes

Apex Legends


  • MSL and niko to join OpTic Gaming?
  • k0nfig and JUGi moving to Cloud9?

Dota 2

  • Sneyking departs Flying Penguins

League of Legends


  • ArK to move from NYXL to Washington Justice

Game updates

  • Black Ops 4 fixes player collisions