Mar 21: Hearthstone bans its Winter champion, Apex Legends’ Battle Pass already exploited and another Artifact event disappears

Good morning. It’s a bit of a quiet one today. I guess Sylas’ global competitive disable got lifted in League of Legends? Let’s see what else we’ve got.

Winter champion barred from Hearthstone Grandmasters

Back in October, Chinese Taipei’s Hearthstone team was disqualified from the Hearthstone Global Games due to inappropriate behavior. Its players were allowed to keep competing in other events, however, with member Roger recently winning HCT Winter. The Hearthstone esports team has now announced that both he and Reall have been retroactively banned from Hearthstone’s Grandmasters Tour in response to allegations of them win-trading as well. Meanwhile, Inven thinks to have acquired leaked information on the format and rosters for said competition.

Apex Legends Battle Pass already “exploited”

If you change your country setting on Origin to Belgium you will receive crafting materials instead of loot boxes with Apex Legends’ new Battle Pass. Effectively this allows players easier access to cosmetics and, while not technically the same kind of issue, it is interesting that it’s in there, after the Battle Pass was delayed to deal with promotional reward exploits earlier. The feature is likely in place to deal with the country’s laws on acquiring loot boxes with money.

Another Artifact event disappears

N3rd Street Gamers have postponed their $10,000 USD Artifact event indefinitely. They’ve ensured Reddit that the Chronosphere Cup will still happen, but that’s all we know at this time. It’s not the only Artifact event currently in limbo, with WePlay’s Artifact Agility tournament never seeing its LAN finals materialize either.

Event news

  • Yesterday’s patch Fortnite patch was accompanied with news of a new tournament. The Blackheart Cup will play out in-game this weekend and has a $100,000 USD prize pool attached.
  • BoomTV is hosting another Code Red Apex Legends event. The $25,000 USD shindig will be played next Friday, the 29th, with an open qualifier set for the day before.
  • ESL and WESA have announced that Counter-Strike’s Pro League Season 9 Finals will take place in Montpellier, France, June 18–23. 16 teams will compete, with 6 competing to the arena playoffs. The total prize pool is set at $750,000 USD.
  • UCC And Betway are partnering for a new Dota 2 tournament in the Asian region. The Betway Asian Dota 2 League will have 6 invites, 2 qualifiers and a $20,000 USD prize pool. Closed qualifiers have already commenced in preparation of an April 4th start to the Main Stage.

Roster changes


  • guishorro released by Furious
  • Bååten and djL to Chaos E.C.

Dota 2

  • Madara to stand-in for miCKe at Alliance due to health issues
  • Moonmeander leaves Tigers
  • Fonte and awen trade places on Newbee’s two teams


  • 13 year-old H1ghsky1 joining FaZe Clan?

Game updates

  • Knock, knock, it’s Fortnite v8.11