Mar 22: Apex Legends vs Fortnite round X, League of Legends pro dropped over abuse allegations and Luminosity Gaming to go public?

Mornin’, it’s another uneventful one today, but perhaps going into the weekend that’s not a bad thing. I hope everyone has a great one and I’ll see you on the flip side!

Battle of the battle royales continues

Market-watcher SuperData has released estimates on Apex Legends’ opening-month revenues. To the surprise of no-one, they’re rather good. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney of rival Fortnite, meanwhile, has been doing GDC interviews about not feeling threatened and Fortnite’s doing better than ever, claiming 250 million registered players for the title. Shoulder pats all around.

Luminosity Gaming to go public?

Word has it that Aquilini GameCo Inc. has raised $25,000,200 USD to acquire esports organization Luminosity Gaming. Apparently, if the acquisition goes through, the company is mulling over taking Luminosity public. The organization has declined to comment.

League of Legends player accused of abuse

Another day, another player accused of abusive behavior by a girlfriend on social media. Today it’s League of Legends competitor PapaChau, who until now was on Clutch Gaming’s academy roster from which he has since been removed. The allegations against him are quite.. extensive.

Event news

  • Twitch Rivals has announced its plans for TwitchCon Europe, which will involve both an Apex Legends and a League of Legends event. Qualifiers for the first will start March 26th, whereas the latter will kick off April 3rd. TwitchCon Europe itself is set to take place April 13–14 in Berlin.

Roster changes

Apex Legends


  • k0nfig staying with OpTic Gaming, Snappi getting cut?
  • New Swole Patrol line up revealed

Dota 2

  • Lil, MoonMeander and bOne7 join Flying Penguins
  • Febby and pieliedie depart Mineski
  • 天命 leaves EHOME


  • Parallax leaves 100 Thieves

League of Legends

  • PapaChau dropped from Clutch Gaming’s academy roster (see above)
  • Zz1tai comes of out retirement to rejoin Royal Never Give Up

Game updates

  • CS:GO tweaks Vertigo and Abbey