Nov 29: Valve disqualify former Pain X squad, CS:GO team accidentally become Rainbow Six pros and Riot Games talks comics

Hello hello! Steam is officially launching in China, while Artifact has done so everywhere. There’s also talk about esports coming to the SEA Games because we've apparently, unbelievably, not yet exhausted our “Esports at the Olympics” discussion quota for the year yet. Let’s move on to the real news!

Valve disqualify Pain X

After some community.. urging, Valve have released another statement on proceedings in its Dota 2 Pro Circuit. In it, they disqualify the former Pain X squad from the South American Chongqing Major qualifiers, as they’re not actually from the region. Their spot has been handed to the runner up. Interestingly, Pain X was a direct invite to the qualifiers, but I don’t expect to see the developer comment further on that.

The paiN Gaming main roster, which includes 3 Brazilians, is still going to China.

How to accidentally go pro

There’s a story on Reddit about a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team who signed up for DreamHack Winter’s Rainbow Six Siege qualifiers as a joke, but were then told they’d made it to the main stage because of a lack of amateur competitors. It raises all sorts of questions, but I kind of just want them to win the whole $50,000 USD prize pool thing now. We will know as the tournament continues tomorrow.

League of Comics

Riot Games has elaborated further on their Marvel collaboration announced earlier this month. Head of Creative Development Ghostcrawler (sorry, he’ll always be that to me) has appeared in a dev diary video, heralding the arrival of Ashe: Warmother next month and stating that multiple monthly releases are expected to follow. He has also clarified that the goal with the comics is not to revisit old lore, but to instead move the lore forward which, conceptually at least, sounds interesting. Some art samples have been made available as well

Event news

  • ESL’s Intel Extreme Masters tournament for StarCraft II has been confirmed to return next year. Running from February 25th through March 3rd, the $250,000 USD event will see 76 players battle it out in Katowice, Poland.
  • DreamHack have announced a new series of Rocket League events. The new Pro Circuit will have 4 stops, each with its own $100,000 prize pool and a minimum of 32 teams competing. The first one will be at DreamHack Leipzig this February, with the second confirmed to be the company’s Dallas gathering in May.
  • In other DreamHack news, its Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Open Winter tournament starts this Friday. The groups have been drawn and HLTV has a viewing guide for the $100,000 USD event here.

Roster changes


  • Marz and Dramas leave OpTic Gaming

League of Legends

  • Boalan leaves Invictus Gaming
  • Edge from Kongdoo Monster to Team MVP
  • PraY (Kingzone DragonX) retiring?
  • Ben from WE To Topsports Gaming
  • Cody Sun released from 100 Thieves
  • Mowgli from Afreeca Freecs to Team Vitality
  • Kramer (Freecs) and Ian (MVP) to LGD Gaming
  • KaSing from Splyce to exceL Esports


  • LA Gladiators sign Ripa

Game updates