Oct 24: Forbes list sparks controversy, Overwatch updates and Crisis at Krisis Gaming

Hello hello. Going to get my controversies out right at the start today. Did OpTic Gaming know forsaken was a cheater? VPEsports reckons so. Has Fortnite viewership peaked? Maybe? Now let’s focus on some things we do know.

Forbes values esports companies

Ok, fine, one little more controversy then. List-maker Forbes has published another one, this time on the world’s most valuable esports companies. It puts Cloud9 as the top dog, followed by TSM And Team Liquid. It has also generated a lot of discussion from people who probably know about these kind of things.

Drake and Scooter Braun join 100 Thieves

Forbes also tells us that Drake and Scooter Braun have become co-owners in esports organization 100 Thieves. The Thieves have announced completion of a Series A funding round which was, in part, led by the two. The company’s total funds are put at around $25 million now and the new capital is expected to go towards building out their content team and apparel line.

Overwatch Updates

Game Director Jeff Kaplan has given us look into what’s up for the game in the coming month or so through another Developer Update video. There’s changes heading towards Mercy, Roadhog and Symmetra, but more importantly the Overwatch World Cup will be viewable in-client and we may finally be getting replays soon.. ish.

In other Overwatch news, we have also been informed of the Paris Overwatch League roster. It actually features French players, imagine that. The name and colors for Atlanta’s franchise have been revealed as well and Houston Outlaw JAKE has confirmed he’ll be casting the Overwatch World Cup playoff stage at BlizzCon next week.

Crisis at Krisis Gaming?

It appears that Krisis Gaming, after signing a Call of Duty roster just this September, has disappeared. The new entrant into the esports scene has deleted its social media accounts and its players, including CoD veteran KiLLa, are looking for a new organization on Twitter.

Event news

  • PGL have announced their next Dota 2 event. The Bucharest Minor will take place January 9–13 and feature 8 teams. On the line are $300,000 USD and 500 DPC points.
  • We also have the talent line up for IEM Chicago. This $250,000 USD Counter-Strike event will take place November 10–11.
  • Lastly, this weekend’s Fortnite Skirmish participants will be playing Trap Ball.

Roster changes


  • FNS to eUnited, Ace benched
  • MSL to replace kRYSTAL at Rogue?


League of Legends

  • GBM leaving SuperMassive


  • nuGget to NYXL staff

Game updates