25 Changes that Need to Happen in the Next 10 Years

Maybe not 10 years but at least by 2040. And these changes are suggestions for the US but can be applied everywhere.

1 .Release all non-violent drug offenders-

if not all then make it the ones that were charged with marijuana. It’s 2016, way too late to still have them in jail for this plant.

2. End the private-prison industry-

again, it’s 2016 and the US is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Enough of this.

3. End the war fear-mongering-

sorry General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and all of you other assholes making money off of war and death. Sorry.

4. Legalize marijuana-

growing, selling, using, research, and so on. Legalize it all.

5. End the Federal Reserve-

it’s not federal and there’s nothing in reserve. Obviously, we need to come up with another viable option before ending this corrupt private entity but it has to go. 103 years has been enough.

6. Set a cap on fossil fuel subsidies-

change will take time. A complete cut off and divestment is not plausible. It’s at about $4.8 billion in subsidies now. Let’s put the cap at $3 billion and gradually go lower.

7. Increase investments in renewable energy-

wind, solar, geothermal, nuclear fusion, bio-fuels, hydrogen fuel cells, and so on. Invest more in those. In research, installation, innovation. Invest more. It’s time.

8. Establish urban food systems in every major city-

in the city or within 15 miles of the city. We need to start localizing food sources, even if it is just 10–25% of our food.

9. Invest in carbon capture and storage

10. Close tax loop holes-

the 1%, corporations, and banks have been taking advantage of our flawed tax system for far too long. Time to change.

11. Set caps on salaries of CEOs, hedge fund managers, and executives-

seems a bit harsh? Yea, it probably is. When there aren’t 50 million people in the US living in huger or food insecure then they can get those much needed $100 million salary. Until then, let’s set the cap at $20 million. Sorry if you can’t function on $20 million a year. Trust me, this would give incentives for the system to be fixed.

12. Set a cap on college sports coaches salaries-

$1 million is enough. All that extra cash? Invest it back into the university. 72 D1 college football coaches get paid $1 million or more.

13. Set a cap on presidents’ salaries at universities and colleges-

set it at $250,000. Extra cash? Invest it back into the university.

14. Invest more money in space exploration and space shuttle programs-

it is time we make a push for space. It is 2016.

15. Invest more in our education system-

and don’t send all of the funding to the administrators. STEM? STEAM? SHTEEAM? (Science, humanities, tech, environmentalism, art, math)? It’s time we invest in our youth.

16. Invest more in electric cars and vehicles-

Elon Musk (he’s not the only one) has some good ideas. We should pay attention.

17. Invest more in research on mental health-

these issues are growing and won’t go away anytime soon. We should work to better understand them.

18. Invest more in science in general-

please, we need to figure out a way to drive innovation in science and technology.

19. Divest from corrupt banks and corporations-

money talks. Boycotts work.

20. Invest more in research of sustainable development

21. Invest more in nanotechnology-

it will have a huge role in the next 100 years, time to start investing now.

22. Revolutionize our monetary system-

bitcoin is a start. We need to decentralize and divest from our current system. The current system is set to fail, there is absolutely no way that it can be sustained. We need to create a new system and one without the help of the current corrupt 1%. Time to leave those guys behind.

23. Cut our meat consumption-

don’t worry, I didn’t say become a vegan. But the average person in the US eats more than 270 lbs of meat a year. Let’s aim for 150 lbs a year.

24. Explore options with universal income-

sorry people, robots are going to take your jobs (a lot of them, that is).

25. Take personal responsibility-

probably the most controversial point here. Take responsibility for your action and inaction. Know that where you spend money, spend time, what you support, and all those opposites have an impact on the world you live in. Change starts with yourself.