Resistance to Change

Change is scary.

For all of us.

And sometimes we can resist change, without even realize we are doing so.

We make up excuses. We create roadblocks.

We build up reasons in our minds why not to go down that path.

All while not even realizing what we are doing.

We think we are being objective. But who are we really kidding?

Rather than search for objectivity, we search for reasons to reinforce the point of view we have already taken on.

It happens to all of us. Change represents risk. And risk represents a chance to be uncertain.

And uncertainty can scare any of us.

The challenge though is to see the change and see the risk, and still move forward.

Looking for reasons to take the leap rather than searching for reasons to maintain the status quo.

There is a chance it might fail.

And there is just as great of chance it might actually succeed.

But — unless we can embrace the uncertainty starting out, we will never have a chance to find out.