On Keeping Track of Deadlines

On Keeping Track of Deadlines, Jenn Greenleaf

Tracking Deadlines Isn’t a New Phenomena

We’re not discussing a new concept here, or one that doesn’t have thorough coverage elsewhere. Are writers posting these questions because they want to learn what others are doing or because they don’t want to research this coverage? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. Anyone who writes for any length of time can attest to the fact that networking is an essential part of battling loneliness.

No Interest in Using Tech to Track?

Okay, you’re not alone. Some freelance writers asking the, “how the heck do I keep track of my freelance writing deadlines,” have no interest in using tech. Why? The reason could be for a variety of reasons including:

What is the Alternative?

Well, I use some tech, and I mix it in with old-school tracking. The main reason is that I love paper, pens, and any reason to grab a highlighter. Post-it notes are also my favorite. When I launched my freelance writing business twenty years ago, visiting the office supply store was akin to some women hitting a shoe store or cosmetics counter. I was in Heaven.

Here’s how I track my deadlines:

The majority of my clients provide editorial briefs, so I print those out. I know many freelance writers like working paperless, but that method doesn’t work for me. I need to see information tangibly to commit it to memory. Once I receive the brief in my hands, I do the following:

Why does this method work for me?

The main reason this method for tracking deadlines works for me is that I can see my entire week in front of me on the wall calendar. Therefore, I can see what’s coming up and plan my work schedule accordingly in my daily planner. If I have several deadlines coming up in one week, then I know I have to schedule time for researching and drafting so I can get those out on time.

How long have I been using this method?

In the past, I tried using apps and calendar reminders. However, I found myself struggling because I was toggling between too many screens. I already mirror my laptop to a larger monitor because I keep my email accounts open on my laptop. Then I keep my client accounts, research, and a word processor open on tabs on the mirrored monitor. Then, I have another laptop open to keep track of my spreadsheets and accounting.

Over to You: How Do You Tackle Deadlines?

Now that we’ve gone over some resources for tracking deadlines and I’ve discussed what works for me, I’d love to hear from you. How do you tackle deadlines? What has or hasn’t worked for you currently or in the past? In the end, we’re all here to support each other and see each other succeed!

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Working Freelance Writer

Do you have what it takes to be a working freelance writer? Here are some tips.