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Billions of dollars are invested in new companies every year, all with the hope of being the next Facebook or Uber. Investing in security companies is up, but the amounts are still trivial when compared to more pedestrian ideas. Improving outcomes in cybersecurity investments is the mission of Alex Kreilein. A veteran of the national security and policymaking space, he puts that expertise, along with serious technical acumen, to help entrepreneurs succeed, and by extension, help us all be more secure.

Darkfield is like a number of other organizations in our field. We’re a cybersecurity accelerator…




The first oral history of the people on the front-lines, in the board rooms, and everywhere in-between who are working towards a safer and more secure cyberspace.

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Michael Tanji

Michael Tanji

CxO at Senrio, Kyrus Tech, Carbon Black, Syndis. Former soldier and intelligence officer.

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