A Part of You

Do your work like you are running your own business

Some people do a job, others build a career and some ‘work towards creating something’. And I guess, all these choices are fair. But when you are making things, building brands or creating business , you have to put a part of yourself into it. Over the years, I have gone through all these phases but doing your job as if it’s your own business somehow worked well for me. And here are a few reasons why.

You Will Never Feel Small

Have you ever been in meetings where you are ‘told’ what to do and your opinion doesn’t matter? Or you just feel intimidated by the vastness of things around you. We all have been in situations that make us feel utterly small.

But when you think you are the CEO of your project, task or a brand for that matter, you run the ship. You will still have tough situations but you refuse to feel sidelined. You want to make things happen and you find clever ways to do that.

You Will Forgive Bad Bosses

When you work like you are the CEO of your project, brand or campaign; bad bosses are easily forgiven. Let’s face it, not all line managers are great. But your perspective changes. On a normal day, a nasty comment by your boss might bring you down. But when you think it’s your business, you look for effective solutions. You will be more flexible because all you’d want is to get things done (the right way). Egos are put aside, and you dont mind that conflict because it is sometimes useful to your business.

Most people quit because of their bosses. But a few months of pain won’t make you quit your business and shut shop, right?

The truth is, if you really have a part of yourself put into building something bigger, you will be like a Juggernaut making your way through the tough days. The truth is, you will do whatever it takes to make it a success.

You Will Always Stay Hungry

You build business to make more business. You grow money to make more money for business. You want to hire good people, you want to collaborate, you build stronger teams. There is a thing about entrepreneurs; they dont sit still. There is always the next milestone to achieve. You want that hunger to make things, pull wins out of bleak situations and go further.

I am a big fan of people who have an insatiable desire to learn more.Nothing makes you walk an extra mile like hunger for growth. In hiring interviews, I often get more impressed by candidates who have that hunger in them than the most qualified ones. Stay hungry, thats what sets you apart from rest of the world.

You Will Look Back & Smile

That unmatchable feeling of looking back at life and saying, ‘I made this…’ You wont get that in a 9-5 job. You only get it when you let yourself create things, challenge status quo, ask questions and make something you are proud of .

Sometimes my friends ask me why do I work for 14-15 hours. Sometimes I won’t sleep for two nights in a row to finish things. But it’s not so tiring because you know you are not a clog in the machine. You are the motor that runs the machine. You want to look back and say, “ This is what we created…”. This one line is what keeps you going day after day for years.

So what do you want to be? A face in the crowd earning your living or the driver of your dreams?