Body Scan: Guided Techniques for Unlocking Your Healing Potential

Becoming whole again by breathing in the Universe

Nov 8, 2019 · 8 min read

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What is Body Scan?

Body Scan is an active meditation that is used to heal, check in, or even just to relax. In short, we move our attention from our extremities to the top of our head. It’s incredibly simple and incredibly effective. Let’s look at why it works, then go over step-by-step instructions.

We are Healing Machines.

When running properly, we have a trillions of cellular processes happening at all times. These cellular processes are directed by chemical messengers and electrical impulses. The Body Scan uses our conscious awareness to influence the bioelectrical intracellular communications and unlock the healing power in our DNA. Through a body scan, we activate our cellular processes and unclog communication pathways.

If we imagine a transparent perfected humanoid body floating in front of us, and then visualize the electrochemical messages as light, we can imagine this light flowing through the nerves, then into the muscular, specialized, glandular, and even fat cells. Just like components on a motherboard, each part of the body has its own electro-chemical properties.

In our perfected humanoid visualization, the energy is being distributed fully, freely and symmetrically to each side of the body. This results in a being glowing a well formed rainbow, with the color tint coming from each chakra along the column of light. White light holds the component parts of each color of the rainbow (foreshadowing). Each of these smaller versions of us, our cells, hold these rainbows as well, down to the atom.

Unfortunately, we are not-quite perfected humanoids on this plane (while we are ALL perfect as ONE), so we have imbalances of lightness and darkness. Usually, when we are injured, physically or emotionally, we first experience an excess of energy in one place in the body. For physical injuries the energy excess comes as the body tries to heal. In emotional injuries, they come from an over-activation of the area corresponding to an energy center. Either way, afterward the energy may get “stuck” (fail to move) or move through a path that is not ideal, sometimes creating a hot circuit. We see the areas with stagnant, non-flowing energy as darkness. This darkness surrounds injury or other anomaly that prevents pure white light from coming into a physical area of the body.

“In Chi King philosophy, pain and sickness occur from an imbalance of internal energy. If you think of chi like water, imbalances occur when there is a blockage. Water that is damned up or obstructed pools up on one side and dries up on the other. The pooled water creates stagnation, dampness, or murky energy. The area of dryness creates tightness, heat, or inflammation. The goal of Chi Kung is to create a smooth flow of healthy energy flowing like a river, bringing healthy energy to all parts of the body.”

- Mantak Chia, Simple Chi Kung, Pg. 3

When we scan the body, we are balancing the lightbody (which is the version of our body in the higher light densities) by bringing light with our conscious awareness to fill the darkness, bringing permanent and perfect healing potential to our every cell and atom.

The light we bring in is pure white. This light can be broken down into any color needed, as it contains all colors. The light is more than the white light you see behind these words, it is white light of a higher density.

Learn more about the light densities in this article: [Article coming next week! Follow to be notified]

We are naturally perfect, and we have chosen to experience this physical form in part to experience a separation from perfection so that we may better learn to make decisions, the lesson of the 4D time-illusioned universal expression. All decisions are valid in this reality, including the decision to unlock our true nature of perfect light to bring into ourselves to heal.

Before we get started, if it is your will, make the decision to unlock infinite healing potential. Ask for the most-loving love to come to you now and fill you, healing you to your highest potential.

Ready? Let’s get started

Body Scan Instructions

Setting Intention

Start by setting a positive intention of healing. Tell yourself you want to send love to every part of your body. Know you are safe, loved, and worthy to receive this healing.

Finding Stillness

Find a comfortable place to sit, stand, or lie down. If it is your first time, you may want to do it lying down, as it seems the easiest for most people to relax. You can also plan a daily body scan before bed, then fall asleep afterward.

Find Your Breath & Attention

Breathe fully and slowly, allowing your abdomen to rise and fall. Start to pay attention to the feeling of your stomach until your thoughts are focused on sensations.

Start The Scan at your Toes

Move your attention to your toes and feet. As you breathe in, feel white light filling your feet as your attention focuses on the sensations you feel. Find the feeling of loving expansion, and direct this pure joy with your attention. Where you feel tightness, coldness, dampness, or excessive heat, focus your attention more. As you exhale, consciously tell that area to relax, or just feel it relaxing.

You may choose to move your attention left and right in rhythm. I find this method is great for a quick scan.

Move up the entire body

Once our feet are relaxed and lightly tingling, we can repeat the process with our ankles, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, and reproductive organs.

When you reach the abdomen, you may choose to pause and start an upward journey at your fingertips and resume up the abdomen when you reach the shoulders, or just continue up the abdomen. Take special care in the abdomen and chest because that’s where most of the organs are. Feel each organ as you go up, directing the loving white light to focus on one at a time. Then work on the abdomen muscles, chest muscles, back and shoulder muscles, and the spine.

Move up the neck, then the back of the neck, the skull, the face, the jaw, the brain, and finally bring your attention to just above the center of the top of the head.

Rest in Completion

Rest your attention here, above your head.

Take some time to feel gratitude, love and excitement for this light glowing here. See your healed self in completion in the light. Connect with this healed self. Know it is right above your head, filling you with a perfected mirror image. Relax your body, and allow this light to sweep down the body, removing any energy still stuck.

Check-In: How do you feel?

After you complete your body scan, take some time to check in with your body and the spots causing you trouble. Do you feel lighter? Stronger? More flexible? How is your breath feeling? Did the energy awaken some hidden energy you may have to deal with now?

Awakening Sleeping Energy

While the light often just heals with no side effects, if we have an injury that is tied to a traumatic experience or other mind/spirit issue, it may be brought into our consciousness while we are scanning or after. This is a great opportunity to deal with this energy, using techniques we discussed in another article.

I feel great. What just happened?

Here’s our understanding.

The blueprints for our expression are held in DNA, DNA that acts like an antenna, receiving and transmitting information. This information includes patterns that we can’t observe directly, because they are higher-density forms, but can experience through sensations and visuals. These patterns are for perfected light bodies of every form. When we feel the light sweeping, and receive a perfected healed lightbody intentionally, we start to sense it indirectly with our bodily sensations. These bodily sensations are electrochemical intercellular communication.

This communication tells the body’s cells to start building the body they are communicating about. ¡Voalá!

I want more!!!

Here are some awesome resources that can help you immensely!

Guided Body Scan Meditation

There are many body scan videos on Youtube. This one is very good! The author has a ton of videos I have used for years!

Breath Work for Entering Higher-Consciousness State

The body scan technique simply checks in on your body, which naturally heals and balances the body. This bonus breathing technique taught by our friend Rob Gauthier takes things a step further by relaxing each part of the body and filling it up with higher light. This is one of my favorite videos to bring in a higher consciousness state. Once you have done the body scan everyday for one week, move on to this video.

Disclaimer: This is a video teaches how to channel. Channeling is a more specific form of bringing in consciousness, where instead of pure lovelight, we bring in specific conscious personalities. The exercises can be used independently also!

Instruction starts at 8:08

Learn more about Rob

Recap: Love is Light is One

The highest vibration of light possible is outside of the human perception. That does not mean it is out of the direction of human beings, or that we can’t experience it in our own way.

What we just did is invite every cell in out body to experience this light through the vibration of love.

The human experience of tuning into pure love is one of the most colorful of all forms of life. We are a painting of lovelight, filling these celestial frames.

Every thing inside you is a part of All, and is here to help you grow and serve your unique purpose on earth.

When you tap into the pure oneness, through this technique, you are able to activate and vibrate with all consciousness everywhere.

The Aquarius Academy provides a catalyst for collective consciousness connection. 🌎 💞 🌞 💞 🌌"To know thyself is to know the one." ♾️

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