Treat Stuck Memories Like A Spiritual Goldmine — Shadow Work 101

Shadows make the reflection from the I Am unnatural and untrue. Transcend these shadows with the law of love and shine in truth and peaceful joy.

Feb 26, 2019 · 11 min read

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We all have something that makes us feel uneasy. Something that triggers a memory in the past that didn’t sit right with us. You may think that people who have gone through serious trauma are the only ones being crippled by the past, but the reality is all of us have some shadows keeping us from being our true and genuine self all of the time.

Today, we will talk about how to bring up these memories safely and use the law of love to overpower the law of karma so we can free all the people involved in a memory from repeating the energy.

Memories can get stuck energetically when the experience is out of alignment with your higher self, and/or the lesson of the experience is misunderstood or shrouded in attachments.

In reality, the “memory” is the energetic structure, more specifically the energy that is experienced, which is caught within the etheric field in and around the body. This etheric field is tied to your physical body, governing all bodily functions, from sensations to hormone production.

The energy is never the true energy of the event, for if it were the true energy, it would easily return source, and the being (you) could go on living a clearer truth.

Memories occur when the projection of the internal energy meets the environmental energy in the mind

We are all operating as the all, the I Am, and a perspective. When our perspective perceives, the probable states of a situation collapse (go from probable events into measurable reality) into a reality that only exists for that mind.

When we do this work, we examine the collapsed realities that other minds have experienced, giving us insight into the social aspect of the memory. We also may observe higher consciousness’s perspectives we probably were unaware of, and the omniscient view of the entire event.

These events are always the events where truth is being revealed to the self by the self, situation, or other selves, but is misunderstood.

Because the truth of the self is being revealed, every one of these events holds the potential not only to be healed, but for spiritual growth. That is the purpose of these events, to become a catalyst for a higher understanding of self.

This gets more complicated when there are others involved, as the event is a catalyst for growth in the entire Spirit group, and in interacting spirit groups. In order for all of the parts operate efficiently and cohesively, each of the members must do their part to remove attachment to their projected energy on the situation and come back as the omniscient observer. When any one of these parties comes and returns to the point of the observer all are healed, for all are connected. When all then come into love all returns to the source.

It’s important to realize that you have this power, to free all involved from this event, for you are the I Am, and so are they.

Karmic Law

Each of these situations will have some form of effect in karmic law, only superseded by the law of love.

Think of karma as a push in one direction going from center, the center representing alignment with your highest self. When an outer apex is reached (energy pushing out of alignment is spent) the energy comes back, spiraling around in a series of related pushes from alignment until love returns the energy to peace.

This may take a very long time if there is no intention of understanding or correcting this path. When we miss our opportunities to learn, we make the same realities over and over again, going back and forth in countless lives. This wobble can be avoided, and the karmic debt can be instantly paid when returning to the point of love.

Observation in and of itself is one of love, one of understanding, and one of peace. When we are able to truly observe, to observe as the love of the all, we are able to free ourself and all others involved from the karmic debt.

Finding stuck memories

Stuck memories will come to you with anything less than a feeling of peaceful joyousness. Often these memories will cause a feeling which is accompanied by a physiological response, whether it be a faster heart rate, heat, coldness, tightening of muscles, a widening of the eyes, or things like sweating or fidgeting.

These memories are usually triggered by an event or a situation that is resonant (energetically similar) with part of the stuck memory. Usually the situation that triggers this stuff memory to surface is one that would be benefited by the lesson in the stock memory.

If you’re not in the time or place to review the stuck memory in meditation, make a mental or physical note of it, and understand that in this current moment it is extra important to be at peace, and to not let your ego, your memories, or your immediate reactions to play a part.

In this situation that triggers the repressed memory, you may not know exactly lesson to be learned, or exactly how to proceed. To avoid any further push away from the lessons we learn, put yourself in the role of a peaceful observer, not fighting any feelings within yourself. Observe how you feel, and where you feel in your body.

Remain at a grounded and neutral level until the triggering event or situation has passed, conserving your energy.

Digging Through The Event

When it comes time to review the stuck memory, whether it be later or, best, right when the memory comes up, lay down or sit in a comfortable position where you can observe your body and find peace in your mind and surroundings.

You may choose to surround yourself with crystals, plants, soothing tones, and colors all of which can assist you. Go with your gut.

Feel unconditional love for yourself and relaxing into a state where you feel as if you’re dripping into the ground. Let your breathing become slow and calm. Call to the most loving love to come to you now and fill you with light. Be thankful for your body in this moment. Be thankful for this experience of this physical life.

Be thankful for the idea of this memory, and know that there is a lesson in. Start to get excited about unraveling the mystery of this memory, like you are on a hunt for a buried treasure and you have the map

Once you are in a state of peaceful relaxation, with positive orientation and intention towards this healing, ask for a loving light to come take you through this memory. If you have a steady guide that you work with, you may call to them now.

With your guide, set and share your intention of embodying love and learning the highest lesson, letting go unnecessary suffering, and returning to peace.

Bring yourself into a moment of now where you are at peace with the past and future, and both are coming to you to energize you in this present moment.

Relaxing dissolve your energetic state, and come back to the event as the observer. It’ll be a point of the event that you’re drawn to first. This will usually be the point where the misalignment is imprinted. This is the knot we will unravel.

This is where the journey begins. You will be guided like a movie through these memories, not only seeing them, but feeling them, experiencing them. You can move on from a particular scene once you have understood it from a wider perspective. Focus on just being there. Not doing anything, not trying to change anything, just observing until your observation doesn’t trigger a negative emotion within you. It may not be easy the first time, but it gets easier and you will soon look forward to tackling memories.

Start to observe what is actually going on in every actor at this point. Your guide will help you to do this. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and watch as they dissolve, as you return to the truth of that moment. You’ll feel physical tension or sensations in specific places in your body. Feel this discomfort and allow it to dissolve as well. You may feel twitching in your head, limbs, or anywhere on your body. Let these things run their course, don’t resist.

Everything may change as you enter the memories. Do not shy away from the observation, observe this energy and you will see when it is most intense is when it dissolves.

Relax, and breathe out stress and dark clouds.
Breathe in calm light and let it fill your body.

As you focus on the parts of tension with light and love, they will change and reveal themselves to you as completely different and more complex than you remembers. You may be guided to something you think is unrelated, but holds a key to understanding the now. You will expand and start to feel the energy of the situation, all of the actors, the energy of stage, observe each of these points. You will start to feel balanced as you assume the energies of each of these things, and feel how they interact with your energy, co-creating what you have felt. You will expand like a slow-motion bomb of light until the entire situation makes sense, and is love.

As you examine every actor, let your love and understanding go hand in hand. Each actor you examine will involve some level of forgiveness, unconditional love and understanding for both the actor and yourself. Love for self is key because it allows the attachment to be cut, and all attachments hold you out of alignment. The memory becomes fluid (unstuck) only through this release of many individual attachments.

When you feel all the moving parts of the situation, you start to feel the love present at every place and every moment in the whole. You start to feel how this whole event took place, and how it was a result of energies colliding from different actors and the environment itself. All of this working together to set up a particular event.

You will see and sense how the energy perceived by each actor and what you experienced is in fact quite different, and the whole energy was different from each perspective.

You will see you that this entire time you were in the light, and you were strong. You’ll see what was being offered to you, the highest level of the situation.

When you arrive, you will feel grateful, energized, and peacefully joyful.

Transcending Guilt, Regret, and Shame

We feel regret when we fail to recognize the beauty of a situation, all of the gifts, and fail to receive them.

We feel shame when we think that we are not up to the expectations of our self, our other actors, and our environment.

We feel guilt when we think we have caused another harm, whether intentionally or not, or done something we believe is wrong.

Here’s Deepak Chopra talking in an interview about how the body is a story.

“You’ve attached all kinds of memories, conditioning, and old hurts to the story you call your body. As the story unfolds, your body expresses four core beliefs that can be positive or negative. These core beliefs center on love, self-worth, security, and fulfillment. Your body reflects the state of your core beliefs because every cell is participating in them as it eavesdrops on your mind. When your core beliefs are life-enhancing, they look like the following:

I am loving and lovable.

I am worthy.

I am safe and trusting.

I am fulfilled and whole.

These should be our normal, everyday core beliefs about ourselves, and if they are the body will be aligned with them. Instead, most people have either negative core beliefs or mixed ones. As a result, they are feeding negative beliefs into their bodies or a mixture of “I feel good about myself” and “I feel bad about myself.” Those are the states of awareness I want to change. Change your core beliefs, and your body will automatically follow.” — Deepak Chopra

These four beliefs destroy guilt, shame, and regret. By going through the memories and unlocking the treasure chest of self and universal knowledge they posses, we understand these principles by feeling them in ways that are as real as the mountain air.

Image by Douglas Butner with elements from NASA (Carina Nebula)

What is actually happening

Whenever our mind perceives an event, we are making reality from a wide range of possible realities. While they may seem concrete, they are in fact fluid. When we collapse a reality into our mind that is out of alignment with the truth of the I Am, we create a reflection or reality that is not also reflecting the universal truth. This false mirror, created with shadow, makes the light of one reflect in unnatural ways as we continue in our vessel (live our life,) causing us to steer poorly. We need to shake away this fake mirror until the mind once again reflects the universal truth up into our perception, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and actions. We do this shaking by re-experiencing (therefore re-collapsing the probabilities into actualities) in the mind. Now we can see the road again and drive our creation where we choose.

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A Lightworkers Guidebook to removing self-imposed limitations and allowing lovelight to guide you. Know, Love, and Create.

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