Physically Removing Guilt, Shame, Regret, and Fear

Dec 12, 2019 · 7 min read

Unpack emotional baggage through targeted self-massage

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. I am re-telling this technique that was told to me by someone who learned it in India. The original technique is different. It works well as described, but you are welcome to seek the original technique, and if you find it please share in a response.

Sitting on a park bench in Amsterdam, I was engaged in conversation with a fellow traveler I had met and was spending the day with. We had just discussed her trip to India, and all the wondrous things that she found there. We discussed common limitations we had or were breaking. She told me that she had been unsure in many things, her path, and I resonated. She then explained that she no longer had any worries, that she had been healed of these by an old yogic massage technique.

She (and I) had knots in our stomach. Physical knots of muscle, tendons and nerves that had been put there by our bodies to try to get energy flowing normally again. Think of this as our body sweeping dirt under the rug. Now, our rug had a big lump underneath it, and we needed to get it out.

[Picture from Mantak Chia book]

The technique can be done with the hands, or a massage wand. She was taught to use the hands, but I prefer a massage wand for the deepest areas.

  1. Identify the place in the abdomen where there is a knot, or sore part. This can be done through sensing via moving chi, taking large belly breaths and feeling the areas of discomfort, or simply feeling around the area with the hands until coming across areas painful to the touch.
  2. Find the very center of the area. You should feel either a quasi-circular knot, or sometimes an elongated area of intense soreness (a tendon or muscle, like the psoas).
  3. Place the back of the middle and ring, or middle and index (your preference) fingers from both hands together to form a strong unit. Push this into the center of the area
  4. While pushing firmly, move in slow, small, clockwise circles around the center of the area of discomfort. This will hurt, maybe a lot. Relax and feel the sensations. Send love and gratitude to the area. It’s vital you relax as much as you can, in your whole body, and really feel the sensations.
  5. After 11 clockwise circles, go counterclockwise for 11 more circles.
  6. When you are done, place both hands, left over right, over the area and feel the energy flowing from your hands into the area, replenishing the area with all it needs to heal. Take 11 breaths here. Switch the left and right hand, and take 11 more breaths
  7. (Optional) If you have a piece of citrine crystal, leave it on the area if you are meditating or napping after.
  8. Seek a corresponding point on the other side of the body and repeat steps 2–7.
  9. Allow 2–3 days to rest, then repeat the technique until the knot is gone. On the second application, you may not have to wait as long, only a day or two.
Image showing the spiraling technique, from

Physical Effects

Always take this technique slowly, and only focus on one spot per side, per day, always the most sensitive area. The recovery time is similar to a heavy workout when you are out of shape, about 3 days. Also, you will have to consider your diet when you are doing this technique, as your body needs to rebuild.

Rebuilding the body

This technique creates a lot of trauma (in a good way) in your body. Think of it as demolishing a house to build a new one. You are tearing down the old blockage in your body, and your body now needs the nutrients to re-build. Be sure to get plenty of iron, protein, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and calcium so your body can rebuild. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Consult your doctor to see what you should be eating to recover.

I experienced symptoms of anemia after working through more than I should have in one day, and had to adjust diet (I got better, much better), so I am not just saying these things!

Emotional Effects

This technique unlocks the hidden emotional components that got energy stuck there in the first place. This is the guilt, shame, and regret that we are dealing with. It’s also sexual and creative blockages in the lower chakras, and the ego blockages, related to your relationship with yourself (self-control) and your relationship with others (how you allow others/situations to control you, and how you try to control others/situations).

Unlocked energies may come to you in exaggerated thoughts, re-awakened memories, or just plain bad feelings. The bad feelings may be overpowering, but it’s very important you don’t try to fight them, run from them, or hide from them. That’s how they got stuck in the first place. Just experience them and try to feel why they are there. They have something to teach you. Feel gratitude they are here again and now you can understand them and pass them on their way.

Image from Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organ Chi Massage by Mantak Chia


Understand that you are perfect, as as intricate piece of the All. Understand that the actions or situations of your past were not your fault (even if it was your choice) and that you were acting out a particular drama that exists all over in the universe.

I am going to share a part from this PDF that talks about removing the programming that keeps us at a lower vibration.

Meanwhile, it is still with us at this point, so it’s important to understand its presence within you. In recognizing this, you can then learn to catch those automatic “attacks” of guilt and shame and fear — and not give them a lot of energy. They aren’t you; they aren’t even a natural part of you. They are simply with you, as part of the experience of being in a physical body on 3D Earth at this time.

So when you hear or feel the inner voice telling you something’s wrong with you, catch yourself from automatically falling into guilt or shame. Don’t defend yourself or try to convince this voice that you really aren’t as bad as it’s saying you are. That just strengthens its hold on you.

Instead, you can remind yourself that you are not inherently bad or flawed. You’re simply caught in a human incarnation, attempting to wake up against tremendous odds, with the cards automatically stacked against you. Then spend some time focusing on the little self inside you who has been bullied by this internal programmed voice all your life and comfort it with love, understanding and compassion.

As you begin to do this, the hold the negative emotions have on you will diminish greatly and you’ll find yourself rising a lot more rapidly in frequency. And you’ll be able to hold yourself there more easily. Self-love will come more naturally.

This isn’t to say you never make what could be called “mistakes”, or never do anything that’s hurtful to others that needs to be corrected. Like all of us, you likely do make mistakes and act hurtfully toward others at times — it’s just part of living in the Third Dimension. And it’s part of your learning and evolution in consciousness.

But with clarity about the profound difficulty that exists in the current reality you’re living in at this point, it can be a lot easier to avoid falling into automatic shame or guilt about what you’ve done. You can simply see where a correction needs to be made and take care of it in a neutral and self-loving way. Self-forgiveness can then happen as a natural occurrence.

from “Preparing for the Event” by Vidya Frazier, March 2018

In Summary

While in the west we often think the only way to solve repetitive thoughts, being stuck in the past, or depression is to talk about it (i.e. psychotherapy), other cultures have understood for millennia there is a physical aspect that is just as important.

Many healing traditions talk about energy getting stuck into physical knots. These knots are more than physical, they have emotional components. Yogic traditions, as well as Taoist Chi Nei Tsang practices delve into healing these techniques through massage. This article shared a simple technique anyone can do to heal themselves, physically and emotionally.

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A Lightworkers Guidebook to removing self-imposed limitations and allowing lovelight to guide you. Know, Love, and Create.


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We are consciousness, evolving. We share on & offer Open Courses at 🧙‍♂️🔮🌞



A Lightworkers Guidebook to removing self-imposed limitations and allowing lovelight to guide you. Know, Love, and Create.

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