Does God Exist?

The world is perfect someone had to create it.

Could be nobody created it it just got like that by accident the percentages of that are infinitesimal.

The universe had to be created because everything in this universe has a cause.

*Yeah but just like the universe has a cause so god should have a cause.

*So you gotta stop somewhere why not stop with the world.

*The world was always there.

It can’t be because the universe is part of what we know, matter etc, all those things have a beginning.

So we have to go outside of the known world and establish that something from outside the world was always there always there.

Or something is there he created the universe and we don’t know — about it.

God, scientifically.

Now There is a God there.

He created us and this world.

Perfect for us to live, a little to the right we’re fried, to the left we freeze.

You’re going to tell me it’s not perfect!

I’’ll answer you in the scale to perfect it’s almost there.

And that had to be planned.

So god planned on having us.

(He also planned the world shouldn’t be perfect we’ll see why later.)


He obviously wants us here.

He wants us.

Nos quiere.

-in Spanish “Quiere” means love and necessity, it comes from the same place-

So God loves us.

God, spiritually.