What do they say about you?

Every single one of your gestures, of your words, of what you are wearing or what are you using… every single detail and many more compose your personal brand.

This brand is made by two different points of view: what you say about yourself and what other people say about you. We know it is easy to control and filter the information you say about you, but, what about what others say about you?

Internet is really important at this point because people will get the most of the information about you online.

“Googling” is the fashion verb. In a near future if someone wants to know something about you, from any part of the globe, they will not hesitate to do so. In fact, you have probably been “googled” at some point.

Because of that, you should control your online personal brand. How? Taking care of your presence in the social networks, trying to differentiate and show the features that make you better than the rest.

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