Frictionless Transition

Success depends on creating a frictionless life, a life without friction. As humans struggle with a vast array of problems the friction in place can be overwhelming. We are definitely living lives with friction, so making a transition to a frictionless way of life can only help. In such a way that, a frictionless life will increase the chances of overcoming problems. For instance, readers who read articles with less friction are more likely to finish the entire article. What I mean by this is that when a person is reading, the smoother each sentence is. The easier it becomes for a reader to keep along with the flow of the writers efforts, but there is more to friction than each sentence. For the article is what we are concerned with.

When this frictionless state is broken, the reader quickly looses interest in what they are reading. That is why transitions to each and every sentence is crucial, because there are words in place giving the sentences value. In turn, each sentence gives the entire article value. So, the easier it is for each sentence to transition, while at the same time making sense. The greater the content will appear to be due to the lack of friction.

This lack of friction would make life in general easier to deal with, this includes, but is not limited to the following: relationships, daily routines, beliefs and other forms of content. The less friction we have in our lives the easier life becomes to enjoy. For instance, as we attempt to complete a task, like reading this article we have less distractions to deal with, making for an enjoyable read. The flow of writing is the concern here, and it is a way to improve the way readers read. But, not only read, the way they analyze what they are reading, as well as, imagining situations and solutions to what they are reading. The moment is what counts and a word that is read in every sentence is equivalent to a moment.


This makes transitions from one sentence to the next just as important as the overall article that is made up of individual sentences. A word that keeps coming to mind is synergy. Where the sum (article) is greater than its parts (sentence). This means that each word has to be properly placed in an article that is expressed by many sentences. So much so that, the sentences have to connect (transition) in a way that the article flows right along with a consistent message. This technique is fairly hard to accomplish, and like most skills takes time to develop. Luckily I am taking part in #WorkOnWriting, so I can use this time to practice my transitions. After all, if I can effectively transition from sentence to sentence, my writing will become better. This is what we all want don’t we, for me to deliver greater content for you to read?

World Peace,

JeremyReddig Author of #ThePowerfulDay

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Originally published at on February 19, 2016.