Long Live the FOMO

That’s it! Aren’t you tired of all those applications, new gadgets, new everything?

Every 5 minutes someone is recommending (aka telling) us to try new thing, whatever that thing might be: new smartphone, smartwatch, mobile application. And most of the time they are telling us that THIS TIME that specific thing is going to change out lives. You might feel overwhelmed.

…or maybe you are tired because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? You try to keep up with everything and everyone. You try to get access to latest updates, and you feel uncomfortable knowing that there might be something that you don’t know about. Not yet anyway.

It’s not easy to live in that fast-changing world. When you learn one thing, there are 10 new that you think you should embrace. And maybe that “crazy ride” was created by us. Why not to slow down for a moment, allow ourselves for a moment to think? Nobody is telling us that we can’t do that. It’s just our inner voice that is screaming that we need to run, that there is no time for stopping.

I’m trying to learn (again!) that I can allow myself to slow down a little, that I can allow myself to let go and NOT be up-to-date 24/7. I’m trying to step away from my smartphone for more than 10 min and not feel guilty about it. Let me share with you a secret — it’s not easy. The struggle is real. I’m afraid that I can miss something important, that FOMO is so strong that you can compare it to being addicted to information.

That’s it, it’s time to slow down. You know, just for a little while. Just for a minute.

Post originally published at GroovyTakeOn

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