Picture Is Not Enough

That’s it! Finally when I got hold on how to take “ok” pictures and how to share them everywhere I can, now it’s time for videos. It looks like the whole online world (or most of it) shifted towards live video streaming.

I get it, that we started with text, then moved to pictures and it seems that now the form of communication is going to be a video. And not just pre-recorded video but actually live video streaming. What does it mean? It means that people are sharing (and oversharing as well if you ask me) almost everything.

We are surrounded by pictures, just go and check Instagram. If you felt overwhelmed by that just wait and see, now it’s the beginning of the video era. Live video streaming applications are popping up everywhere we look and they are very easy to use. Just check Periscope, Facebook Live, Blab, NomadCast, just to name few.

And of course there are great things people can do with live video, they can share interesting events from all over the world. So maybe it’s not going to be that bad.

What is so special about live video? Why are we moving towards that form of communication? Is it really a way to communicate or is it the ultimate “look at me, here I am”.

What do you think? Is it good transformation or not so much, or maybe it’s just the way world is changing and the way we communication.

Post originally published on GroovyTakeOn

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