Time to Check My Social Media

That’s it! It’s the virtual life.

I just stumbled across a music video that just made my day, made me laugh and made me think about our behavior on social media. Here’s the “The Lion King — Circle of Life Parody (Virtual Life)” video (in case you can’t see it below, here’s the link)

Just listen to the lyrics, wow! And answer this simple question: how close to our lives is that? Come on, you know it’s close? Still not sure? Let’s check then…

Time to check my social media to see who loves me online.

How often we check Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram for new comments and likes. And when we don’t see enough of those it’s like…well, not fun. And of course we are going to say that we don’t care but come on, we do care.

Time to post a pic with the inspirational quote. That’s deep and get likes.

We all know those easy tricks, publish graphic with a inspirational quote that will get you likes for sure. How many graphics like that you see every day on-line? a lot, right?

No Wi-Fi. Oh no, I’ll die.

That’s funny but at the same time a little bit scary. How often wherever we go we check if there’s a wi-fi connection available? Oh you don’t do that? Really? In that case you have an unlimited data plan, you lucky one!

Where’s my phone? It gives me life.

When was the last time you left the house without your smartphone? on purpose and by accident? And if you did that (you, the brave one) how did you feel about it?

The World Wide Web is #bae #forreal

Who doesn’t like hashtags. All the time and everywhere we go hashtags, one two or twenty. And yes, I like hashtags too. They are useful if used properly. Unfortunately many people switched their language to hashtags and emoji.

It’s the virtual life and it fools us all. We compare and scroll. So we’ll measure up.

Whether we like it or not we like to compare. How much time do you spend each day just to check what other people are sharing? How many likes your friend’s pictures got and how many your picture has? How many comments, how many views, how many…how many? And yes we all know it’s not about numbers but it’s all about the real engagement but come on! It’s nice to get that one more like and one more comment and another re-share.

We will take selfies in the perfect lighting. (…) Had to pause from looking at the flower just to snap a pic of nature’s power. Composition, filter, caption. Share the sacred moment took an hour.

This is a good one. How many times you re-took that “in moment” picture? Add to this tons of filters, some caption and hashtags. It’s done, your “so natural” work of art is ready to be published. And it’s even worse with selfies, how many takes do you need to take a “good” selfie and then you know you are going to pretend that it’s “oh, you know, I just took that selfie a second ago”.

And yes, I’m making fun of the way we use social media sometimes. I get it that this is the one side of social media and virtual world. There are many good things we can do and we are doing on social media but today…today it’s the fun side.

It’s the virtual life.

Post originally published on GroovyTakeOn