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Aug 15, 2018 · 3 min read

The healthcare experience is transforming. Our customers are leading the charge and our technology is enabling them to do it. Together, we’re taking healthcare to new places. Check out the latest releases at Workpath designed to improve efficiencies, save time, and grow your healthcare organization.

Add and Manage Your Own Services

You can now create and manage your fully customizable services in the Workpath dashboard — at your convenience! Simply add the services your healthcare organization performs, whether they are tests, procedures, labs, and home visits to your account and start ordering!

Get started quickly by hitting the Services tab in your Dashboard, then start customizing:

Name & Description: Give your service a name with some details.

Duration: Include how long your service usually takes a field specialist to complete.

Fees: Add the fees associated with the services for your network to see.

Instructions: Add step-by-step instructions for how to perform the service.

Supplies: Add the supplies necessary to complete the service.

Shipping: Does this need to be shipped? If so, the Shipping ID scanner will appear in the Workpath mobile app.

Tags: Add the licenses, credentials, or training necessary to perform the service so only the right people have access to this service.

Information that’s relevant to your Mobile Users will show up in their app when they accept a new appointment. For example, while performing the service, your step-by-step instructions will appear in the app and they’ll have to “check off” each step before completing the appointment.

Order, publish, and assign Shifts

We’ve officially launched the ability to order, publish, and assign Shifts in our platform. That means that in addition to scheduling single appointments, you can also use Workpath to schedule daily shifts, to fill open shifts, and to assign your labor to shifts at facilities, patient homes, staff events — wherever they’re needed!

Recent Buzz

“Workpath Aims to Provide the Right Care at the Right Place” in American Inno.

Workpath Expands Technology to Provide Healthcare Organizations the Ability to Schedule Shifts with a Click.”

Check out our new video!

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About the Author:

Baylee Mabe is Head of Product at Workpath. She earned her Master of Health Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University. Baylee, who has been involved in every aspect of Workpath since the platform launched, is known for her deep understanding of the way healthcare works and her knack for developing modern tech solutions to improve the organization and efficiency of care delivery.


We help healthcare organizations and other specialized industries dispatch, manage, and track their mobile workforces - all on one platform.

Workpath Team

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We help healthcare organizations and other specialized industries dispatch, manage, and track their mobile workforces - all on one platform.

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