12 Horrible Reasons You Haven’t Left Your Job Yet

Anybody else guilty of these?

I know a few things about staying in jobs too long. Personally, I stayed at a BigLaw job for five years too long, I stayed at multiple TV production jobs I hated, and as a legal recruiter I’m amazed at the pushback I get from candidates who are miserable but won’t do what’s obviously in their best interest — leave!

If any of the following reasons are things you’re using to justify sticking around in your job, you might want to rethink your situation.

Horrible Reasons You’re Still at Your Firm:

  • Because you get free dinner every single night (which you eat alone at your desk at 1 AM
  • You really like the Keurig, they have flavors like Honulu blast and Mountain Fresh. (it’s not worth risking going to a firm with regular coffee pots)
  • You just got them to hook you up with the new Aeron 2200 chair
  • There’s one partner you really like working for (but 9 others you hate, that hate you)
  • The company really needs you (even though they somehow managed to survive for 300 years without you, a 2nd year)
  • You’re closing to getting a bonus of $5000 (you only have to work an extra 3000 hours to get it)
  • You’re in the middle of a very important deal that’s about to close (in the year 2020, at the earliest)
  • You really like the pens
  • You’re miserable and you have thoughts of hurting yourself (but you just got a great review)
  • Because it’s really hard to find a mentor, and you have one (but he’s EVIL)
  • Because you think you’re on partner track (even though nobody has ever brought it up in 8 years and you have no book of business)
  • The bathrooms in my office have those Dyson hand dryers so you never have to shake a wet hand (actually this might be the only legit one…if you’re a big germaphobe)

This article originally appeared on Above the Law.