How to hire the right freelancer

The freelance market is large and sometimes it can be challenging to source the right person. Freelancers are an excellent way to get projects complete while also saving money. Hiring the right freelancer can be tough. There are lots of candidates who will come forward and sell themselves as the right person for the job. It’s important that you pick the right person who can deliver the exact outcome you need. So here are four main steps to follow when searching for freelancers:


Before you consider searching for the right freelancer, have a clear vision of what the project is about. If you post a detailed brief, you’re more likely to attract good freelancers.

A good idea for if you get several bids is to look into the profiles of each freelancer. Ask them questions about the experience they have. Pay attention to what the freelancer is claiming what they can achieve for you. You can check out whether their claims are true by having a look at their portfolio. This is a great way to get an idea of who is best suited for the job. Examining each candidate means you can hire someone who suits what the brief is looking for.


Once you’ve examined each freelancer that is bidding, you can now think about making a short list. This means get rid of anyone who you think might not be up to the job or doesn’t have the skill set you are looking for. You might find a freelancer who is not trained in a particular software. In this case, you can weed out applicants like this; especially if they don’t have the right skills. In the end, you’ll be left with a few good candidates who have strong applications. Shortlisting makes it much easier to come to a final decision.


This is the stage where you should think about talking to each of the candidates you have on your shortlist. Make sure you speak to each freelancer and ask them more about their experience. Find out if they understand the brief and can deliver what is expected of them. Let them ask any questions too so that both parties are on the right track.

Remember that communication is the foundation of any working relationship. Ask the freelancer what suits them. Do they prefer email or skype? Or do they prefer arranging face to face meetings? Find this out because you don’t want to leave your project with someone you struggle to get hold of. Get as much as you can out of these interviews because you want the best person for the job.


Once the interview stage is complete, you’ll have a good summary of each freelancer and what they can offer. At the end of this process, you should have come to the decision of who you want to hire. Before you agree, seal the deal by signing a contract with your chosen freelancer that lays out the project expectations.

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