#2 — About You

I want a guide on “How to Human”

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash
  • “How do I get better at presenting my ideas?”
  • “Am I still learning? What will my career look like? Where do I go from here?”
  • “I heard I need to learn to share more and speak up in meetings? Yikes…”
  • “Should I be a team player? What will happen if I don't? How do I do that?"
  • “How can I expand my network? I heard that’s a good thing?”
  • “How to be less awkward socially? How do you do this social thing?”
  • “How does what I’m working on impact the world? Am I helping real people?”
  • “Should I drop coding and become a manager to get a bigger paycheck?”
  • “Should I start my own business? Will this idea work? Do I need to learn how to sell?”
  • “I’m confused. Is this normal?”
  • “What usually happens in these situations? What is the best thing to do here? How to best interpret this situation?”
  • “What should I anticipate and how to manage this?”
  • “This doesn’t make sense. what am I missing here?”



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Theresia Tanzil

This is where I ask questions and talk to myself | Backend web dev, web scraping, Robotics Process Automation | Blogs at http://proses.id