Workspaced #011 — Amandah Wood

Welcome to the 11th edition of Workspaced! This week’s newsletter features the workspace of Amandah Wood, the founder and editor of Ways We Work. Ways We Work is a collection of first hand accounts of how people do meaningful work.

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Inside Amandah’s Workspace

  • 15" MacBook Pro — loaded with stickers from various teams we’ve visited for Ways We Work
  • Apple Magic Mouse — I don’t use this all the time but it’s great when working in Sketch or copying/pasting lots of text
  • Ways We Work dot-grid Scout Book — this year I’ve really gotten into the bullet journaling method, I keep it simple
  • Change Direction poster from Worker Bee Supply — this post was a gift from my friends at Worker Bee Supply and it reminds me to never be stagnant
  • Floating Shelves — my younger brother built these for me so they’re special and they also make my workspace feel bigger
  • Unlimited Notebooks — I couldn’t function without a physical notebook so I always collect a healthy supply, my favourites are Moleskine and Scout Books
  • Solid Walnut Desk — this was generously handed down to me from Matt, my partner on Ways We Work, defining a workspace when you work from home is key

Huge thank you to Amandah for agreeing to be featured in this week’s edition of Workspaced! Please let her know what you think about her setup!

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