Inspire your team with Goals

Goals allow your team to track progress on what matters. Associate your tasks with goals and always know how far you’ve come.

What are Goals and how do they work?

Goals correspond with achievements that contribute to your organization’s overall success. A goal can be a release of a feature, closing a deal or coming to an important decision. Great teams prioritize important goals and effectively monitor their progress. We’ve designed Goals in Workstreams to ease and encourage this style of working.

Everyone in your Slack team can create Goals and associate tasks with them. When tasks are completed, the progress bar on their associated goals fills up. This makes it easier to get an overview of progress and keeps teams focused and motivated to collaborate on reaching high priority goals together.

Creating a Goal

Click on the Goals menu in the top-right navigation bar to open the goals view on the Workstreams task board and start creating goals.

A goal has 3 main attributes

  1. A short title to explain what the goal is
  2. A label name that is used to associate tasks with the goal
  3. A reporting channel whose members can view the goal

And some optional attributes

  1. A longer description to give insights on what the goal is about
  2. A due date to make hard deadlines transparent

Associate your Tasks with Goals using Labels

The label that you choose for your goal can be associated with every task within Workstreams.

When you have labeled a task with a goal’s label then the task counts into the goal. You can label tasks this way across as many channels as you like. This way, you can easily work on goals across team borders and while keeping everyone aligned.

Share Goals with your teammates

Every member of a goal’s reporting channel has access to that goal in the Goals view. This reporting channel can be any existing channel and often there is already an appropriate channel that you can pick. Only channels that have both you and @workstreams as members appear in the dropdown selection for your goal.

You can create private goals by associating them with private reporting channels. Because only the members of a channel can see a goal, with a private channel your goal stays a secret. Keep in mind that the goal label will still be visible to everyone on your Slack team.

Overseeing Tasks that contribute to a Goal

Now you’ve set up your goals and labeled their associated tasks. You have a visualization of your progress already — all that’s missing is to overview all tasks that contribute to a goal with a single click. Nothing easier than that: In the goal overview, just click on the eye next to the goal title and voilá! Workstreams displays you all goal tasks across channels with one click.

We love feedback. Leave us a comment and let us know how you like this feature of Workstreams.